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  1. Dear Mr. Lambert,

    Having seen your excellent videos on Brighteon, i am inspired to contact you, and particularly because of the rally held yesterday in Perth – a cause about which i would like to be more active. My field is environmental architecture, and i am very concerned about the growing unsafe-unhealthy-unmedical ‘environments’ being mandated without consensus. It is difficult to express one’s concerns in a brief email.

    At present, i am staying in Edinburgh, Having seen the videos of the rally, i am planning to make a day trip to Perth one day this week. Can you put me in touch with someone who can give me more information about any like-minded groups or activities in the area? Ironically, for some reason, it has been in my mind to make a trip to Perth, hoping that i might find a concerned and supportive community – and the rally has confirmed that!

    Thank you for your kind consideration, and i hope to hear from you. If you require more information from me, please do not hesitate to ask.

    Very sincerely,

  2. Hi Suzanne, Thank you for your kind comment and interest in actively opposing tyranny. A leading light in this movement is Judy Wilyman PHD – who could potentially assist with your enquiry. If you’d like to make a personal video message I’m happy to assist via my studio in Secret Harbour 40 minutes south of central Perth. There are no costs involved and your message can reach a broader section of the community. Please let me know if this option might interest you. Best regards, Tony.

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