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Climate fearmongering using corrupted science.

Major cities throughout the world frequently endure inconvenient and deliberately disruptive demonstrations enacted by the bed-wetting ‘chicken little’s’ of the extinction rebellion farce. This blinkered climate hysteria illustrates how effortlessly corrupt media convinces mindless herd of the most ludicrous nonsense imaginable in that Co2 suddenly became public enemy number one. Ask any greenhouse keeper what happens when Co2 levels are elevated, and they’ll gleefully relate how all plants immediately improve from the entirely beneficial advantage.

Protesting something that is essential to all life on earth is beyond stupid, but the indoctrinated mobs do exactly what their Machiavellian globalist programmers direct without independent thought or critical analysis. I’ve reported the key issue of 1200 leading climate scientists and preeminent climatologists formally providing the UN with detailed scientific proof that climate alarmism is entirely unfounded. That it’s a despicable deception exclusively designed to impose an entirely nonsensical but severely crippling carbon tax along with luciferin population control, uncontrolled immigration and the covert takeover of food production. Under the guise of the Agenda 2030 pretext of saving the planet they plan to control your mind, thoughts, desires, behavior, beliefs while controlling your finances and what you can and cannot think, say or do. The intention is to implement a CCP style of social credit score from which there is no escape.

Unforgivably, this extensively corroborated, peer-reviewed and entirely replicable climate science is studiously ignored by the criminal controllers micromanaging climate scaremongering that depends on triggered response to calculated disinformation. I should clarify that refuting fraudulent climate alarmism does not equate to indifference to pollution and the many serious environmental problems, all of which are engineered by the same hidden hands covertly manipulating climate fraud. Mainstream media perpetually fanning the flames of climate hysteria to maintain it as a key issue exemplifies overt deception. Without exception whatever message mainstream media promotes is a satanic inversion of truth so take the opposite of their criminal disinformation as being most likely accurate. One of the main offenders in the climate hoax frenzy is the utterly loathsome ABC whose seditious fake news and soulless propaganda is intolerable. Another treasonous betrayal of news reporting is The Conversation website now plumbing unprecedented lows in journalistic fascism by blocking input exposing discredited climate dogma. Adding to their arsenal of satanic inversions they now ludicrously define criticizing the climate hoax narrative as a threat to national security.

Importantly no climate fearmongering advocate will ever debate authentic climate scientists in an open forum, and the reason for such craven intellectual cowardice is obvious. Debate avoidance is the hallmark of all fake science protagonists because as with lethal vaccines, neurotoxic fluoride, polluting chemtrails and weaponized 5G no claims of safety and efficiency can withstand objective scrutiny. Defending the indefensible they unfailingly proffer the threadbare response that the science is settled which is immediately belied by their refusal to debate alternate viewpoints or review documented science corroborated by the world’s leading experts.

The very foundation of authentic scientific inquiry depends upon rigorous open debate augmented by unbiased examination of all hypothesis, theories and critical viewpoints. The time-honored foundation of the established scientific method is trampled by the tyranny of globalist oppression. Since 1998 more than 31,000 American scientists from widely diverse climate related disciplines, including more than 9,000 with PhD’s, have signed a public petition declaring there is no evidence that human release of co2, methane or any other so-called greenhouse gasses cause heating of the earth’s atmosphere. This eminently credible line-up includes atmospheric physicist, botanists, geologists, oceanographers and meteorologists who, unlike woefully uninformed protestors, narcissistic Hollywood actors and manipulated teenage spokespersons, know precisely and comprehensively what they are talking about.

Public protest is justified and often necessary when supporting authentic cause, but the sick joke of extinction rebellion will go down in history as the most transparently fraudulent scam of all time. Absurd extinction rebellion lemmings might just as well protest the Luna eclipse, but more importantly aside from the futility of their misguided cause they have no idea what life with zero co2 emissions will look like. Supporting this Marxist-socialistic Agenda 2030 criminal insanity equates to turkeys voting for an early Christmas.

Being fooled by expert deceivers does not indicate low IQ or impoverished intellect because many bright and insightful people get taken in; but staying fooled through intentionally choosing willful ignorance in disregard of overwhelming evidence is intellectually dishonest, unethical, immoral and inexcusable.

Lastly an additional strategy of this disinformation platform is to provoke heated division which is easily accomplished with such an emotive issue. That said little can be gained through debating anyone convinced that Co2, essential to all biological life, threatens an extinction level event.