Puppet Politics

The illusion of democracy

Elected representatives cannot fail to recognize the rigid system of coercion that unfailingly bends any opposing position to party-line-criminality regardless of personal convictions or community views. It callously dismisses the hopes, aspirations and serious concerns of those who put them into office.

Instead of providing authentic representation they become paid professional liars held in place to maintain the threadbare illusion that the peoples voice matters to crime gang government. It doesn’t and hasn’t for many decades! Public opinion is treated with contempt by these criminals, a disdain now openly flaunted through ignoring national and international law. This is to say nothing of the ongoing mass murder through suppression of proven natural cancer cures.

The public has zero influence upon the political process whereby it makes no difference who gets into office. These puppets obsequiously follow orders with any semblance of lawful process insultingly reduced to a theatre of the absurd.

Every aspect of the political spectrum is unconditionally compromised into corrupt subservience to the omnipresent system of evil wherein it is up to each individual to take a long hard look at the consequence of their actions; or perhaps more frequently what arises as a result of their inaction’s.

Increasingly ever more government employees are frightened off speaking out for fear of job loss. History shows what sort of society emerges when people fear government. Authentic freedom of speech is vanquished when all aspects of journalism fail to report truth. All current affairs and news reporters convey corporate-scripted propagandized disinformation.

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