Sustainable Development

Agenda 2030

Camouflaged by environmental concerns a lethal agenda unfolds.

Under the compelling but deceptive guise of protecting the environment the globalist Agenda 2030 slithers its power-grabbing tentacles into every walk of life. It steals into every aspect of society while its largely unknown purpose is little understood by the wider community. The following presentation by the brilliant Rosa Koire provides a comprehensive overview of the underlying threat this seditious maneuver presents. In spite of the fact that global warming alarmism is irreversibly debunked this perilous agenda continues without pause.

I’ve been an active environmentalist for decades but fortunately saw through this deception early on. Its covert implementation relies on concealing its actual purpose behind what Rosa Koire aptly describes as ‘The Green Mask’. Rosa describes “Post-sustainability” as the condition of environmental, political, social and economic systems after the imposition of Communitarianism. It’s total enslavement of the worlds population by stealth at the behest of a luciferien satanic blood cult. This is happening via the controlled demolition of the global economy under the cover of the criminal Covid-19 scam.

As with the criminal hoax of Covid-19 the difficulty most have is coming to grips with the terrifying fact that lies of such enormity and consequence can deceive the entire world. Objective, critical analysis clearly demonstrates how this New World Order tyranny is imposed upon humanity from behind the closed doors of unelected technocratic-Babylonian-priesthood immersed in unspeakable evil. Australia is now forced into recession inflicted by unlawful government dictates founded upon entirely false premises. This oppression is imposed to enforce population control and has nothing to do with protecting public health. Such overtly satanic criminal treason must be stopped.

I “Never attempt to win by force what can be won by deception.”

Niccolo Machiavelli.