Medical Mafia

Kill by cure

Death by medicine.

  What exactly do we get in return for our fraudulently extorted tax dollars from this incurably corrupt government of predatory parasites whose institutionalized lies and systemic deceit grows increasingly threadbare? It’s hard to know what to choose first from the Canberra crime cartels stunning smorgasbord of corruption, but let’s kick off with the war crimes of invasion and occupation of sovereign nations based on total lies.

 Another top choice is the government sponsored black op’s mass murder at Port Arthur and the inhumane setting up of an intellectually impaired patsy, toxic water fluoridation, ecocidal fracking, the suppression of natural healing methods including cancer cures; the shameful litany is endless but pretty much distills down to one word – genocide! Evidence of this degenerate treachery accumulates in lockstep with the looming legal actions from an outraged community that will soon target high-profile repeat offenders in vigorous and determined criminal prosecutions. The moral vacuum enveloping those responsible is truly sickening.

 Uppermost on the wanted list for the most hateful crimes against humanity are the recidivistic government liars of state and federal health departments and the unconscionably evil TGA. These malevolent government ghouls are demonstrably guilty of multiple counts of maleficence of public office. A serious criminal charge that invariably carries a custodial sentence. The ever-tilting balance against the criminal corporations masquerading as government sees increasingly frantic efforts to uphold their disintegrating webs of lies, but all such defensive measures are doomed to failure and inevitable defeat.

 This awareness-driven shift is now igniting spot fires of self-destruction with the latest international debacle of the irredeemably discredited vaccine industry urgently scrambling to suppress the exposé documentary VAXXED. In fevered desperation to conceal rampant CDC corruption and criminal scientific fraud they idiotically banned a film they’ve not even seen, such is the intense fear of exposure. This escalating panic now strikes dread into the black heart of the death & suffering for profit cancer industry generating billions of dollars from peddling barbaric, torturous treatments that cannot prevent or reverse cancer. This socio-psychopathic profit model is founded upon the inhumane suppression of cheap and effective natural cancer cures. As I’ve frequently reported this malicious suppression is directly responsible for the worst and most far-reaching case of premeditated mass murder in all of human history.


 The breakthrough documentary ‘The truth about cancer’ sent tectonic shock waves reverberating among the medical mafia thugs who lash out blindly in frenzied efforts to obfuscate the unfolding exposure. They ceaselessly struggle to silence, censor, intimidate and distort the irrepressible truth on these issues. However, their pathetic efforts now routinely fail and in fact are beginning to have the reverse effect of waking more people up to the escalating global genocide. Cowardly government trolls keep parroting their feeble fluoridation lies while forever backing down from open invitations for a live debate with an informed citizenry. In full retreat these lowlife government criminals continually refused to debate fluoridation expert Dr Paul Connet and more recently quaked in their boots at the prospect of dialogue with the eminently qualified Dr Geoff Pain on his successful WA lecture tour. Why? Because their threadbare lies and propaganda are effortlessly disproven. They totally disintegrate when confronted with the mountain of incontestable evidence comprising tens of thousands of reputable scientific studies, peer-reviewed papers and corroborated reports. 98% of the world’s population emphatically reject this hazardous toxic industrial waste of fluoride which is even more poisonous than lead. The world’s foremost authority on dentistry the international academy of oral medicine and toxicology absolutely oppose water fluoridation.


 Here in Australia venomous government trolls persist with the same despicable lies they’ve always used to perpetrate this criminal scam. Adding neurotoxic poison to public water supplies is a calculated crime against humanity. It occurs in tandem with the blanket spraying of chemtrails containing Nano particulate smart dust (programmable matter) the endless onslaught of toxic GMO’s, weaponized smart meters, weaponized microwave towers, weaponized vaccines, ecocidal fracking and very much more never-ending evil besides. This relentless genocide ramps up all around the planet in a fully-fledged depopulation effort. Its aided and abetted by high echelon pedophile rings of the ruling elite with their child sex slavery and murderous, cannibalistic satanic rituals.

Most people don’t care to know this horrific truth. They pretend it’s all nonsensical conspiracy theory and fanciful imaginings. This irresponsible apathy and wilful ignorance arises from those who have learned to accept unquestioning servitude to a criminal authority that progressively strips away their civil liberties and repeatedly violates their basic human rights. Fracking and water fluoridation violate the basic, inalienable human right of entitlement to clean water, to say nothing of the aforementioned crimes against humanity. Reporting this manifestly obvious evil subjects me to the sniggering ridicule and mocking derision from those choosing ignorance over enlightenment.

‘First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they attack you, then you win.’ – Ghandi

Author, musician & alternate news reporter.

Tony Lambert.

Dedicated to truth

Truth will always restore to its rightful throne.


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