While many comprehend the far-reaching consequences of forced immigration it’s unclear whether a critical mass of objection will accrue in time to prevent the planned swamping and ultimate annihilation of national identity. Whatever eventuates the evil genie of runaway censorship is out of the bottle vigorously wielding weaponized language to obliterate free speech at every turn. These weapons take the form of political correctness – hate speech – Islamophobia – racism – homophobia – transphobia in jack booting lockstep with an ever-growing plethora of newly invented labels used to stamp freedom of expression into oblivion. It’s noteworthy that this intensifying oppression descends upon us via a one-way street targeting what’s derisively dubbed white privilege or white supremacy with no possibility of redress. In other words, if you or I migrated to any Islamic state would we be enthusiastically encouraged by cheer-leading community and religious leaders to file publicly funded lawsuits against anyone examining an alternate narrative to our western values? Of course not, and anyone foolish enough to try it would quickly endure severe if not lethal reaction to say nothing of the merciless consequences of entering such locations illegally.

So how come followers of irreconcilably incompatible ideologies can arrive here and aggressively throw their weight around under the tiresome ruse of a victimized, albeit disproportionally over-represented, minority? The question has to remain rhetorical because none of our corporate shill politicians will honor their lawfully binding oath of office by providing authentic representation of urgent and consistently expressed community concerns. Instead they obsequiously pander to over represented minority group demands even to the point of providing taxpayers money to build unwanted mosques on prime city real estate.

These repressive actions in tandem with donating obscene amounts of public money to Islamic interests are routinely undertaken in contemptuous disregard of emphatic opposition while callously ignoring the pressing needs of our own disadvantaged. Object to this blatantly seditious tyranny and you’ll immediately confront the custom-designed weaponized language concocted in unholy alliance with corrupt legislation to enforce the permanent crushing of free speech. Such fascistic censorship and distortion is fatal to any free and open society.

Object too loudly and you’ll run the risk of being prosecuted as a domestic terrorist via more monstrously corrupt statutes masquerading as law. All of this gross inequity highlights just one instance of the treasonous betrayal from puppet politicians slavishly serving the dictates of globalism at the crippling expense of community wellbeing and national interests. Their unquestioning servitude extends to facilitating Big Pharma’s mass slaughter from prescription drugs – the opioid epidemic – the mass murder resulting from suppressed natural cancer cures – the genocide of mandatory vaccination – the genocide of ecocidal fracking – the mass poisoning of chemtrails – neurotoxic water fluoridation and very much more besides. This war upon humanity is at full tilt with no respite.

The key focus of this message however is raising awareness of the ever-constricting global censorship which is now greatly exacerbated by googles sinister machine-learning-fairness algorithm. I won’t cover this alarming development in depth but recommend doing your own research on this dangerously manipulative tool now added to the already overstocked arsenal of big tech social media censorship and free speech suppression. This website endures ongoing harassment and interference but so far nothing I can’t rectify. However video posts are routinely deleted from YouTube and Farce-book when content exposes factual truth the gatekeepers want hidden. In spite of their limitless money and insidious influence the unstoppable truth will always restore to its rightful throne.

The importance of runaway censorship cannot be overstated citing the criminal conduct of government oppressors wrongfully imprisoning Tommy Robinson and the cruel and inhumane torture of Julien Assange. Both courageous individuals were targeted for reporting verifiable truth. Interesting to note the Australian establishment deliberately withheld constitutionally assured assistance for Assange while two ex-prime ministers ghoulishly gave cheerleading support for the convicted paedophile cardinal George Pell.

Perhaps that damning indictment says it all. With these degenerate shills misleading the public is it any wonder things are so bad?

The only ethical principle which has made science possible is that the truth shall be told all the time. If we do not penalize false statements made in error, we open up the way for false statements by intention. And a false statement of fact, made deliberately, is the most serious crime a scientist can commit.

Dorothy L. Sayers, Gaudy Night