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At its inception luciferin architects of the healthcare industry covertly seized total control of public health, but it’s important to understand even at this late hour we do still have meaningful choices . The Rockefeller’s engineered the capture of healthcare administration along with all medical education, practitioner-training establishing total dependence upon pharmaceutical drugs. This takeover was arbitrarily imposed at the expense of cheap and effective natural healing methods. Under corrupt misapplication of law successful traditional healing methods are outlawed.

Augmenting this surreptitious assault on public health lethally toxic vaccines coupled with fertility suppression were abetted by the GMO, chemical and radiated degradation of food. The Gates Foundation furthers healthcare tyranny while using mankind in the most diabolical experiment imaginable. Their desired outcome requires the focused control of minds with unconscionable scientists and doctors falsely assuring improved public health while accomplishing the exact opposite. They continue to spin and interweave this carefully crafted lie. In order to maintain their satanic deception they must prevent people becoming aware of humanities natural healing abilities via our incredibly robust immune systems and conscious intent. They ridicule the value of body, mind, and spirit and condemn the more effective holistic and naturopathic approach to public health.

They cleverly camouflaged the requirement for essential nutrition successfully creating a micro-managed perception that the establishments perverse healthcare methods are the only option. In spite of this deep deception humanities amazing abilities to self-heal remain fully intact – albeit stifled by decades of brainwashing and fearmongering by satanic criminals overseeing a captured health industry without accountability or oversight. It’s an agency of relentless genocide.  

We are continually assured that science has been done efficiently on vaccine safety but read the ingredients on the vaccine’s inserts and note none are safety tested for injection into human beings. Most of the ingredients are highly toxic and can freely cross the blood brain barrier to maim, disable and routinely kill as evidenced by the vaccine inflicted mass murder of SIDS. As a direct consequence of the satanic vaccine plague children of today feature the highest number of chronic diseases ever. Quoting from a recent report:

1 in 5 have learning disabilities

1 in 10 diagnosed with ADD or ADHD

1 in 11 diagnosed with asthma

1 in 12 with significant allergies

1 in 35 with autism

1 in 20 under the age of 5 with seizures

Vaccines irreparably damage nervous and immune systems yet criminally corrupt governments absurdly insist that neurotoxic vaccine ingredients have nothing to do with rapidly escalating incidents of becoming crippled, maimed and dying following vaccination. The human right to body integrity is an inalienable birthright freedom which governments can neither grant nor take away. 

Constitutionally and under international law all potential vaccine recipients (read victims) must provide voluntary informed consent to any and all medical procedures – most especially to high-risk and frequently lethal vaccines. The falsified science and criminal lies behind vaccines ranks among history’s most monstrous crimes against humanity. Vaccines are never subjected to inert, double blind placebo-controlled trials or risk assessments. Along with the precautionary principle this is the gold standard of authentic medicine. Without the essential prerequisite of independent safety studies and risk assessment it’s impossible to know what the side effects may be. Logic dictates that If vaccines were effective at maintaining public health, we should have the healthiest children in human history – but horrifically disastrous outcomes clearly demonstrate the polar opposite. Especially worrying is the current push to mandate Covid-19 MRNA vaccination. The following presentation illustrates why this must be emphatically refused.

Pediatric rate of chronic diseases rose from 12% in 1986 to over 50% in 2007. Mandating neurotoxic vaccines is a desperate last-ditch effort to cull the global population and this latest corona crap scaremongering is yet another tactic towards vaccine enforcement. If vaccines were truly safe and effective there would be no need for coercion and no reason for mandates. When parents decline the manifestly dangerous medical procedure of vaccination, most especially for which there are no long-term safety studies and unbelievably have no liability, then parents unequivocally have that inalienable fundamental human right of refusal. Mandatory and coerced vaccines constitute a gross abuse of civil and human rights and an unforgivable denial of individual liberty. Such unconscionable medical tyranny must be resisted and overturned.

The vaccine vampires rally cry of “herd immunity” is yet another vicious lie stridently defended by the corrupt WHO vehemently dismissing vaccine safety concerns as anti-vaxxer propaganda while endlessly parroting the satanic inversion of truth that vaccines are safe and save lives. Vaccines are unavoidably unsafe and routinely maim and kill. Eugenicists Bill and Melinda Gates lavishly fund the World Health Organization, the CDC, NIH, big pharma, universities, mainstream media and UN factions all nurturing the murderous vaccine industry generating $100 billion-dollar annual incomes.

Such rigid control has created a cartel with its research leaders so tightly interlinked they require safeguarding the collaborated deceit of their colleagues without question or face immediate dismissal and career oblivion. Accordingly obtaining an independent review of scientific evidence in this field is impossible. Disabusing indoctrinated believers of this institutionalized medical fraud is exceedingly difficult, most especially in the blinkered field of healthcare providers. Enforcing this deception sees doctors destroyed for revealing non-conforming evidence, their conscientious work discredited by the WHO and the luciferin hierarchy of the criminal healthcare industry. Still the hopelessly indoctrinated refuse see the cartels ongoing playbook currently extending beyond healthcare and seamlessly segueing into other massive deceptions. The absurd climate crisis hoax is another glaring example of corrupting scientists and researchers to propagate a deceptive agenda and control a false narrative grounded in laughably ludicrous doomsday predictions. In relation to self-healthcare many have lost trust and belief in themselves.

Through media manipulated mind control and now weaponized 5G this satanic cabal has convinced an entire population they are incapable of self-healing and therefore inescapably dependent upon allopathic medical and pharmaceutical means. This is completely untrue. However mind, body and spirit all need to work in harmonic unison because if intentions are tainted with fear, hampered by misinformation and confused by uncertainty it blocks self-healing. The power of the mind is truly astonishing wherein belief and faith are our greatest assets. Encouragingly many now create their own non-GMO vegetable and herb gardens, incorporating healthier meals in a more organic and holistic approach to health. While this cosmic spiritual battle unfolds it’s important to refocus attention inward – to body, mind and spirit in order to restore and reintegrate self-healing abilities. It’s important to come from a place of heartfelt gratitude, to trust and believe in yourself and expand into the sacred eternal flame of pure truth in everything you think, say and do. Also remember that the “placebo” effect is a very real and incredibly powerful thing.

Criminal controllers have hijacked your mind and your body, but they cannot commandeer your spirit. The divine purity of spirit and the inestimable power of right intention are more powerful than I can begin to describe, so reconnect with both and recharge from within. If you’ve read this to the end, then the blindfold should be gone so become your own wise and caring doctor of yourself.

Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease