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Secret Harbour Sessions reports factual news stories and world events censored or obfuscated by corrupt mainstream media. We regularly post to our blog and on Rumble important developments via ongoing news and current affairs coverage. This effort continues on from the now defunct Cervantes Network News which closed upon our move to Secret Harbour.

Currently our YouTube channel remains operational but is shadow-banned along with countless other alternate news outlets exposing institutionalized crime, systemic corruption and global genocide. YouTube is irrecoverably compromised so we only use it now for entertainment purposes such as old video clips of the last band I played in. Unrelenting censorship uses a variety of deceptive technologies to minimize the reach and visibility of our content. Owing to this increasingly seditious censorship we now have video channels on Brighteon and Odysee. I’m currently banned for 90-days for the YouTube heresy of reporting obvious truth.

We are at a pivotal crossroads of history whereby critical thinking and situation awareness are more important than ever. This spiritual war on humanity has no spectators because we’re all involved and need to play an active part. The criminal scam of covid-19 clearly illustrates how far this battle between good and evil has advanced. At the very outset of this scientific fraud I denounced it for the obscene attack on humanity it unquestionably is. More specifically it’s the controlled demolition of society via economic terrorism. Accordingly I’ve never worn a face-mask and never will. I refuse to social distance or sign in with a snooping police-state surveillance app.

All the articles posted on this site are comprehensively researched, dependably cross-checked and established as accurate information. Such truthful reporting is denied through the criminal maleficence of mockingbird mainstream media and corporate controlled government. To both of these I say…“Go ahead! Make my news.”

The further society drifts from the truth the more it will hate those who speak it.

George Orwell.