Genocidal Population control.

Much of what I report is uncomfortable and for those only just awakening to harsh reality is deeply disturbing. Be that as it may I wouldn’t devote the time and effort if not convinced that the key information mainstream media blocks and distorts demands authentic coverage. This criminality must be exposed no matter how outrageous the facts or incredible the circumstances.

Denial of this fully-fledged global genocide is no longer realistic nor is it an option, although I expect many will continue fearful avoidance in preference of facing the cruel reality. Truth is seldom comfortable. However, wilful ignorance in the face of ever-amassing proof can only last so long before the jarring realization hits home.  A common response to this tectonic paradigm shift is bemoaning being too insignificant to do anything about it. Nothing could be further from the truth, but I hasten to add this reaction is perfectly understandable for a variety of reasons, beginning with the learned helplessness that it derives from. It’s a pre-programed response resulting from a lifetime of deeply-ingrained predictive programming expertly drilled into us from early childhood. Impaired cognition and blunted comprehension also derives from toxic vaccines and ingesting fluoride, GMOs, pesticides, antibiotics, chemtrailed heavy metals and excess sugar and food chemicals. The war upon humanity is not just spiritual but perilously and ever-increasingly physical.

As kids, we got presents of toy guns for the purpose of playing out scenarios of shooting each other to death, over and over. When you think about it this ‘programming’ is obscene but was unwittingly accepted as normal. This insidious aspect of mind control has since morphed into highly graphic, gore-drenched first person shooter games wherein the satanic programming is greatly magnified. The micro-managed mind control is kept in place by an incurably evil and terminally corrupt mainstream media whose primary task is concentrated perception management via never ending distraction. This attack is further reinforced by both chemical and electronic warfare bombarding us around the clock and from every imaginable quarter. Dark forces work tirelessly at keeping us in a low frequency vibration wherein the all-pervasive Wi-Fi, proliferating weaponized 5G microwave relay towers and the relentless push for toxic smart meters play a pivotal role towards that disabling objective.

It’s a slow-kill technique continually assaulting every body cell with vaccines, chemtrails, fluoridated water, adulterated GMO foods and harmful electromagnetic frequencies whose unseen danger goes unnoticed until injury manifests. This appears in an escalating variety of cancers, irreparable DNA damage, eyesight and fertility issues and very much more besides. These damaging EMF frequencies are particularly dangerous to children whereby simple logic demands that Wi-Fi should be immediately banned from all schools. An extensive variety of scientific studies overwhelmingly confirm these dangers but no urgent safety measures will ensue because the plan is to inflict maximum harm. A force of unspeakable evil is doing everything it can to permanently damage, maim, cripple and incapacitate your children. Not just children because all of humanity are targeted, but children are more susceptible to EMF injury than adults. A Swedish study recently revealed that well over a quarter of a million of its populace suffer a variety of incapacitating symptoms when exposed to EMF, and that alarming statistic is from just one country alone.

Increasing incidence of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity is characterized by a variety of symptoms that differ from individual to individual. Symptoms vary in their severity inflicting seriously disabling problems for vulnerable individuals. Some chronic sufferers are disaffected so badly that they’re forced to retreat into EMF free isolation as total outcasts. City dwellers are at increased risk because of the dense concentration of EMF pollution sources but the assault is geared to target everyone no matter where you live. The severest threat comes from globalist driven ‘Agenda 2030 – smart cities’.

Added to the arsenal of evil are potentially lethal smart meters currently escalating the attack from slow-kill to full on frontal assault. I can’t emphasize strongly enough how crucial it is to point-blank refuse these deadly items anywhere near your home. Also have them banned from your workplace if you can make or influence that decision. Your energy provider will make all manner of rancorous threats and do their utmost to bully you into acceptance but disregard their government-scripted intimidation and firmly assert there is no law compelling you to accept one of these invasive horrors. If in doubt, please check out the online video ‘TAKE BACK YOUR POWER’ and pay close attention to its imperative message.  Another weapon deployed against us is the intensified media focus upon sickening war, gratuitous violence, graphic horror, paralyzing fear and death, all skillfully contrived to contain us in that debilitating lower vibration. To keep us in a permanent state of lower density anxiety and fear.

You don’t need to look far to confirm how true that is with a degraded music industry being one of the main offenders via its overtly satanic videos, as if most of the performers were not already zombies enough without that stupid makeup. Again, I recommend switching off this sewage to choose more uplifting entertainment or educationally creative pastime. It’s important to understand we’re in the midst of a rapidly escalating spiritual war wherein the dark forces arraigned against us are many and varied. Knowing exactly what they are and how to counter them will assist greatly as events unfold. In fact, it’s knowledge and awareness that will turn the tide of battle in our favour regardless of their limitless money, political influence or their incurably brainwashed military and police.

They’d like nothing more than an excuse to violently unleash these corporate mercenaries upon us, so we need to ensure that doesn’t happen. The days of armed revolution are long gone which the dark side probably laments more than we might since historically it’s the way they ensure ongoing control through backing both sides. In more recent times they use stealth to supplant and coerce western governments compliance with their depopulation goals.  Focused depopulation is deeply embedded into the globalist strategy with a more recent tactic of forced immigration being used to create chaos and disunity. A fundamental tenet of their Malthusian creed is that of earths supposed limited resources and that it is the duty of this self-appointed ruling elite to cull the population.

They’ve been peddling this eugenics dogma for decades. In 1958, author of Brave New World Aldous Huxley was interviewed by Mike Wallace wherein he espoused his notoriously miserable view of humanity. Here again Huxley’s infamous TV interview was calculated perception-management geared to sell the fabricated dogma of scarcity so as to justify depopulation as the only solution. The natural state of planet earth is unlimited abundance but these luciferian satanic socio-psychopaths desperately strive to contradict, deny and falsify this absolute truth. Don’t buy into it.

Well guess what, its not working. In fact, its failing miserably as the Covid-19 criminal scam narrative progressively disintegrates. No matter how cunningly crafted their criminal mainstream media deception it becomes noticeably more threadbare. No matter how masterfully presented their satanic propaganda the irrepressible truth still emerges triumphant. It always has and it always will whereby they continue to lose ground on the propaganda front. This ongoing and seemingly irreversible setback has provoked pulling out all the stops to ramp up their extermination program by every other nefarious means at their disposal. In other words, it’s likely things will get worse. Anticipating this and being prepared is an essential prerequisite to steer you through the fast approaching rapids. The important thing is to understand and accept the incontestable fact that global genocide is in full swing.

I don’t present this as fear porn or alarmist sensationalism, but rather to prompt all those who consciously choose to become proactive in turning things around. Alternately you can submissively accept being sprayed like cockroaches with heavy metals and Nano-particulate / smart-dust-laden chemtrails, poisoned with pesticide saturated foods, poisoned with water fluoridation, poisoned with vaccines, have your entire region, your groundwater, air, soil and lifestyle destroyed by fracking and endure living in a toxic gasfield, become incapacitated by EMF, be forever denied access to natural healing, denied access to free non-polluting energy provision and propulsion technologies, denied access to natural healthy organic food and be further poisoned by toxified GMO garbage, watch the oceans become irreversibly poisoned and remaining rain-forests obliterated for ruinous GMO soybean monoculture, exist under the sadistic heel of globalist fascism; – I could go on…

Now you can simply dismiss all this as tin-foil-hat-wearing ‘conspiracy theory’ and go back to your comfort zone of maybe sculling more booze and cranking up the sports volume. But be assured that comfort zone is about to get seriously disrupted. The global genocide I’m reporting here is 100% real as clearly evidenced by the criminal coronavirus scam. Acceptance of the proposed ‘Mark of the Beast’ vaccine will prove the final nail in the coffin.

I sincerely wish this horrific situation wasn’t true, but it is.

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Journalism is about covering important stories-with a pillow, until they stop moving. 

Drew Curtis