How they get away with it.

The demonic strategy of divide and rule has empowered dictatorial tyranny throughout all of human history. Its brutal format doesn’t change being as effective today as at any time in the past while it covertly underpins and directs every aspect of life. It simply requires corrupt media and elected representatives functioning as subservient “order followers” accepting directions from a racketeering corporatocracy of socio-psychopathic mobsters. It unilaterally reinforces divide and rule with the contrived two-party system being a prime example. Divide and rule takes place in unconscionable disregard of the obvious immorality, the stark illegality and unavoidably harmful consequences. This divisive strategy inflicts lasting detriment to a public electing phony representatives in the sadly mistaken belief, a belief instilled by calculated media deceit, that they would honor their oath of office by providing authentic community representation. They don’t, and they never will! Instead, to the eternal disadvantage of those paying their undeserved salaries, they subserviently inflict divide and rule issuing from a luciferin satanic blood cult of supreme evil. A satanic deep state inflicting unprecedented ecocide, endless war and suffering at every opportunity with mainstream healthcare now among the leading causes of preventable death.

There’s little more divisive than the scientific fraud, the criminally misleading medical mafia scam, of crippling and ever-increasingly lethal vaccines, greatly exacerbated by the Covid-19 criminal scam. The vaccine issue disrupts interest groups and medical professionals while cruelly tearing apart hitherto close-knit families and long-term friendships. This contrived schism couldn’t function without elected representatives continually betraying the electorate by refusing to acknowledge and respond to community concerns. These concerns are founded upon irrefutable proof of vaccine injury and death. Another leading example is relentlessly flooding countries with refugees for the specific purpose of driving a jagged wedge between communities, a devastatingly effective MO that continues to wreak havoc and further division around the world. This deliberately disruptive contrivance has compelled the largest demographic shift ever. Compliant community representatives and shill journalists uphold a terminally corrupted system by promulgating its globalist doctrine. Adherence to any unlawful system means complicity in the crime. A decent and moral person will instinctively resist genocidal, anti-humanist or ecocidal activities. However, suspending morality in order to maintain a lifestyle or keep a job fully immerses the unquestioning order follower into a malicious cult of evil. Blind obedience to corrupt authority results from malevolently insidious influence. This ever-worsening circumstance is perpetuated by those too fearful to challenge corrupt authority but instead seek refuge in willful ignorance in the face of incontestable truth. Obeying illegal orders promotes global genocide and furthers runaway environmental devastation while covering up child sex trafficking, satanic ritual abuse and rampant pedophilia at the highest levels. Such moral myopia is reprehensible, unacceptable and moreover it’s entirely unsustainable.

Slaves to corrupt authority refuse to accept the blindingly obvious fact that they are destroying their own security along with all hope for future generations. Unthinking servants of immoral governance are ensnared in a luciferin web of all-pervasive evil. A coercive system forcing compliance to party-line-criminality has no place in civilized society. Dismissing the all-consuming concerns of those who put them into office is the most treasonous betrayal imaginable. Unbelievably it’s become the accepted norm. Instead of providing authentic representation these imposters become consummate professional liars maintaining the shabby illusion that community concerns matter to a criminal corporatocracy masquerading as government. They treat public opinion with contempt, a contempt openly flaunted through ignoring international law that criminalizes the forced medical intervention of fluoridation and mandatory vaccinations. Human beings are not the property of governments, but the total absence of political representation enslaves us to predatory government oppression. Politicians fawningly endorse globalist directives while community values are marginalized, trivialized and ultimately ignored. Donating countless millions of dollars to foreign social projects at the expense of Australian citizens in desperate need is unforgivable and entirely unacceptable.

Every aspect of government acts in corrupt subservience to a rapacious system of genocidal plunder. Government employees are frightened off speaking out for fear of retribution. However, not speaking out against evil is acquiescence because silence becomes consent. In these dire circumstances silence becomes betrayal. History demonstrates the downtrodden condition of a society that fears government. Accordingly, oppressive tyranny already engulfs us with its divide and rule mechanism providing a solid foundation for more of the same with no end in sight. Freedom of speech is extinguished when all aspects of journalism refuse to report truth while the devious social engineering of ‘political correctness’ and ‘hate-speech’ slither in beneath the radar as suppressive weapons of speech police.

News identities parrot propagandized disinformation, the exact same script dribbled verbatim on every channel, in order to maintain their puffed-up celebrity status and bloated salaries. They refuse to report universal dissent and that no one consents to having water criminally poisoned with neurotoxic fluoride or submitting to illegally forced vaccinations. They refuse reporting the international outrage and escalating objections to the skies being polluted with the heavy metal aerosol sprays of chemtrails. These talking-heads-without-conscience obfuscate the destruction of the environment from the eco-terrorism of fracking by reporting demonstrable fiction as fact and vice-versa. These crimes intensify in a genocidal assault of unprecedented scope but are studiously ignored by self-absorbed media egotists.

Following orders without question means complicity in this satanic cult of evil while colluding in crimes against humanity. This most especially applies to elected representatives knowingly betraying the confidence and trust of their constituents. In the combined assaults of water fluoridation, fracking, forced vaccinations, GMO foods, chemtrails, smart meters and the rollout of lethal 5G all participants are complicit in these hateful crimes against humanity. If politicians and corporate police enforcers understand the extent of their betrayal yet continue with their subservience to genocidal evil regardless then a time of karmic reckoning awaits. ‘Just following orders’ failed as a defense at Nuremberg and will most assuredly fail again at the International Tribunal for Natural Justice and the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State. In Australia there’s a mistaken assumption that someone else will turn up to fix the problem. It’s a serious mistake with incalculable cost and unthinkable consequences, not the least of which is unremitting furtherance of the strategy of divide and rule.

There is no week nor day nor hour when tyranny may not enter upon this country, if the people lose their roughness and spirit of defiance.

Walt Whitman