Orchestrated confusion.

Once again, we see the corporate-controlled – sock-puppet administration obediently kowtowing to their criminal overlords. They infuriate the population with yet another insulting maneuver to undermine traditional community values. This institutionalized arrogance contemptuously ignores the prevailing will of the electorate. Sound familiar? In this instance I refer to the ludicrous but eminently sinister gender-bending proposal designed to confuse children by convincing them that boys dressing up as girls is natural behavior.

It isn’t natural behavior! It never has been natural behavior, and it never will be natural behavior. Like most I have no issue with LGBTQ+ aficionados and see no reason why they shouldn’t live however they please providing it doesn’t intrude upon the rest of society. I’m not remotely interested in their activities or their chosen lifestyles, and moreover I have an inalienable right to keep it that way. What I won’t accept is unsolicited and unwanted transgender culture and alternate sexual preferences shoe-horned into my field of attention and unlawfully inveigled into society against the majority wishes.

Child abuse is out of control.

The luciferian agenda to impose overarching gender-neutral influence into school curriculum’s is outrageous. The clandestine social engineering of normalizing transgenderism is increasingly prevalent in all aspects of mainstream media while featuring ever more prominently in movies and TV. Surreptitiously imposing altered sexual orientation preconditioning into schools of young children is entirely unacceptable. It’s vigorously rejected by thoroughly disgusted and increasingly outraged communities.

Take a step back and you’ll see satanic tentacles of social engineering slithering all over this grossly unnatural and deeply unwelcome manipulation of schoolchildren. Opponents of this insidiously encroaching meme are hysterically denounced as ‘transphobic or homophobic’ which is disingenuous nonsense since, like me, most don’t care one way or another. Having no interest doesn’t categorize anyone as anything but disinterested.  Be that as it may the community majority do rightly object to having unsolicited minority group values forced upon them.

LGBT followers should apprehend that aggressively pushing minority values upon an unreceptive community against their wishes will abruptly alienate hitherto impartial groups and individuals. Whereas I previously had no viewpoint in relation to these matters the advent of corporate controlled government pushing unwanted and intensely disliked social engineering upon children while methodically destroying the family unit provokes deepening anger and resentment.

This toxic cultural Marxism is yet another textbook divide-and-rule stratagem continually drip-fed from that black hole of lies and deception London’s Tavistock Institute and now taking a calculatedly provocative spin into transgenderism. The strategy also furtively lays unseen steppingstones towards the even more sinister program of transhumanism.

Targeting children through education systems makes this manipulative skullduggery all the more offensive. The transgender community should realize this Machiavellian ruse is not an altruistically benevolent endeavor to encourage wider acceptance but rather a deliberately divisive mechanism designed to disrupt communities and provoke conflict. Divide & Rule!

It can only backfire against the long-term interests of minority groups through intentionally triggering opposition that hitherto didn’t exist. The luciferin criminal control system continues to manipulate society in nefarious satanic maneuvers all tirelessly working against community interests and to the perilous detriment of the environment and of public health.

Amid countless other malicious assaults, a program of unrelenting global genocide is in full swing and gathering momentum. This escalating war against humanity takes many diverse shapes and forms that without exception all derive from the same origin of undiluted evil. 

In Australia over 20,000 children go missing every year and no meaningful effort is made to address this horrific situation. Unbelievably Victorian police have deployed hundreds of officers to enforce unlawful lockdown and tyrannical community suppression in a shameful example of prioritized issues. Instead of going after pedophile rings and child sex trafficking they relentlessly assault an innocent law-abiding community. This is entirely unacceptable wherein those responsible will eventually see the full weight of public outrage. Justice will only be served when enough people of noble intent summon the political will, the right intention and right action to get involved and enforce remedy. The inevitably disastrous consequences of failing to resist fascism are known and understood.

ht“The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”

Albert Einstein