Globalist tyranny now stomps its jackbooted heel into the upturned face of the betrayed Australian nation reducing it to a totalitarian basket case. A brutal grinding of that heel sees endless government overreach manifesting in the despicable Identify and Disrupt Bill 2021 that permits the Australian Federal Police and covert Intelligence agencies to hack into email accounts and social media to manipulate and pervert content to suit their nefarious agendas. This permits the organized crime of Australian police to fully control anyone opposing their tyrannical rules and bullshit covid oppression. It also facilitates the covert setting up of targeted individuals for indictable offenses never committed. Fascist Australia now sees all state borders unconstitutionally closed while healthy groups and individuals are arbitrarily locked up in forced isolation (euphemistically called quarantine) the moment a fraudulently rigged PCR test provides a false positive result. These are now replaced with Rapid Antigen Testing that exhibits the same corruption through providing positive results from tap water. Accordingly, victims are subsequently extorted out of large sums of money for unsolicited, inconvenient and utterly pointless hotel quarantined isolation despite exhibiting no signs of being unwell nor actually having any illness whatsoever. It’s criminal insanity to force-quarantine healthy sections of the community, most especially on the basis of a corrupt testing methods deemed unfit for purpose and more latterly discontinued by the CDC. Coerced testing and quarantining is a criminal breach of Article nine of the International Covenant on Political and Civil Rights and violates the international charter of Bioethics and Human Rights along with all 10-tenets of the Nuremberg Accords.

The worst possible scenario.

Examine the role of government and what it’s constitutionally mandated to do as opposed to what it actually does. In other words its unconstitutional and blatantly unlawful activities. Let’s examine the situation through the lens of a hypothetical community organizing a new settlement. They decide for the overall good of the community it would be best to hire a contracting company in order to set up the required infrastructure of roads, water supply, energy needs; all the essentials for day-to-day living. Accordingly, they contract a small group for this express purpose and, reasonably enough, expect them to fulfill all contractual obligations. So let’s call this small contractor the government and call the contract the constitution. The first thing the contractor does is advise that in order to create the infrastructure they require new offices and up-to-date housing that must be paid for by the community along with the latest cars for all their employees. In addition, this extensive motor pool must be upgraded to new models every year plus all workers demand comprehensive living expenses with index-linked pensions including lavish retirement benefits.

Unwisely these conditions are met without question by the community whereafter the contractor then takes a casual look at its obligations and decides to subcontract all the work by outsourcing and charging the community huge commissions for doing the work that they themselves could have accomplished for free. In order to uphold the illusion that this parasitic system is fair the contractor divides his rapidly growing group into separate entities and calls them political parties. These underhanded schemers adopt the public pretense of opposing each other but in reality continually engorge themselves snout by snout at the tax trough while forever swelling their parasitical ranks at the community’s expense. These conniving con artists cleverly convince the community it has a choice between these opposing political parties in regard to who gets democratically elected to administer the contract. This is a total sham because in reality they all serve the same unseen criminals who coordinated the crooked electoral process in the first place. This increasingly one-sided arrangement sees the community pay the same extravagant maintenance fees and living expenses for all gluttonous political party parasites who, thanks to public funding, enjoy guaranteed employment and superior lifestyles to those who reluctantly pay them. Now the contract clearly specifies that the contractor is the sole entity authorized and mandated to print, issue and distribute currency at no interest to the community. But the contractor covertly ignores this important instruction and secretly brokers a deal with international criminals to exclusively borrow currency from their private central banks at crippling interest which they euphemistically label as the national debt.

This criminal scheme is cloaked in complex fiscal legalities and impenetrable financial terminology designed to confuse and ultimately dupe the community into believing they have no choice but to accept the criminal scam of debt slavery. Bloated with self-importance the contractor declares superior knowledge in all matters pertaining to the health and well-being of the community, but just as with the criminal debt slavery, all efforts are geared towards enriching its satanic overlords at the never ending expense and worsening detriment of the community. They create yet another criminal scam in cahoots with chemical fertilizer industries where instead of paying large sums of money to lawfully dispose of hazardous toxic industrial waste they conjure up bogus dental studies and fabricate preposterous claims that this deadly poison is actually good for strengthening tooth enamel. A handy double-dip in this vicious ruse is not only avoiding the huge expense of regulated hazardous toxic waste disposal but actually getting paid to dump the poison into public water supplies. Thanks to its criminal overlords the contractor now has unrestrained control of all mainstream media that quickly becomes streamlined propaganda exclusively for the purpose of keeping the community fooled and drinking the stupefying cool aid without question. Its reporters are expertly trained attack dogs set to unleash upon any group or individual asking uncomfortable questions the now irredeemably corrupt contractor must avoid at all costs. These media attack dogs don’t require a science background nor the slightest scrap of medical training since specific areas and forensic details of science and medicine are never to be discussed. Instead the mainstream reporter’s assignment is constrained to character assassination while strictly avoiding meaningful debate with informed personnel. TV presenters master this dark art developing noteworthy expertise at ridiculing well-informed people seeking to air genuine public health concerns.

They excel at humiliating anyone raising issues that might embarrass the contractor. A common discrediting method enlists the support of what they introduce as ‘credentialed-experts’ but are in fact mainstream media colluders comprising hard core skeptics factored in for the purpose of denigrating their target. The talking-head-TV-shills steadfastly assert this third party inclusion is to provide ‘fairness and balance’ but the rigged game is easily discerned by anyone capable of critical thinking. This imparts a sense of invulnerability to the contractor who subsequently infiltrates criminal enterprise into every aspect of community life. Its toxic tentacles envelop the very fabric of society continually draining community funds and essential resources to feed the contractors relentless growth. Before long the contractor, heavily weighted down by its grossly bloated outgrowth, is even bigger than the community itself and like a terminally toxic parasite it begins to destroy its host.

 The contractor now becomes increasingly desperate to keep hidden its evil agenda that the community are at last beginning to discern as the rampant criminal extortion it really is. Mounting fear of discovery drives the contractor to ever more frantic efforts to obscure its evil purpose and despite its forcefully propagandized mass media it begins to exponentially lose credibility on all fronts. Truth has an uncanny habit of surfacing no matter how vigorous the oppression. Ugly rumors of contractor sponsored child sex trafficking for high-ranking satanic pedophile rings quickly gain ground arousing outrage and bitter resentment at such cruel and unforgivable depravity from people in positions of public trust. In fevered desperation, the contractor hurriedly drafts draconian legislation to suppress free speech and outlaw legitimate protest actions objecting to ecocidal fracking and the rampant poisoning of public water supplies. No provisions exist in the original contact for the contractor to oppose or override the prevailing majority will of the people, but the contractor is so deeply immersed in satanic criminality that all regard for lawful process is trampled in the scramble to evade public scrutiny and escape justice. To this end the contractor begins to rely heavily upon fear porn to divert attention from its core criminality. Bogus virus scares are hysterically trumpeted by complicit media but these increasingly feeble antics forever fail to gain traction. Panic warnings of uncontrollable virus pandemics run rampant throughout the media deception machine but in spite of the frenzied hype they become ever more threadbare and perceptibly false. Covid-19 is irretrievably exposed as totally fake but criminal media persist with blanket deception in disregard of the known facts. Meanwhile the contractor’s credibility steadily diminishes among the community now alert to the repeat false flag shootings that employ the same pathetic B-grade crisis actors in just about every transparent charade that sees them parroting their tiresomely predictable fearmongering. Perhaps this hypothetical scenario can now give way to the real life situation which in point of fact precisely mirrors all of the above.

At no point in time has the community instilled absolute authority in any public servant or public service division that permits the actions currently undertaken against the public will and in defiance of majority public demand. At no point in time has the community ceded ownership of natural resources for elected representatives to do with as they please, against the majority will and in defiance of majority public demand. At no point in time has the community agreed that any elected representative can sign an international trade agreement that has never been, nor ever will be, agreed to. This monstrously criminal TPP – Toilet Paper Partnership – agreement (if not thwarted) would have handed over limitless control to an unelected centralized authority permitting corporations to negate safety measures, ignore environmental laws while censoring any and all information they don’t like. This global fascism is more threatening than any historical precedent. Unbelievably, even in the full glare of all this undiluted evil, some people still trust government. So too did many German Jewish residents from the late 1930’s early 40’s refusing to believe anything bad could happen to them. The word for this is abnegation – a refusal to accept factual circumstance out of the mentally paralyzing fear it might be true. Well another uncomfortable fact is that the USA constitution unequivocally prohibits federal government from owning land other than military forts, installations and port facilities.

 However, US government gangsters ignore constitutional constraints to have been stealing land under the guise of Agenda 21 for decades. This has now resulted in the standoff in Burns Oregon, but not before federal agents and professional mercenaries ambushed and murdered a dissenting rancher by shooting him in the face 9 times. These hired killers are now threatening lives and violently oppressing neighboring ranchers. In Australia the situation has yet to become as openly volatile, but government disregard for the rule of law underscored by its contempt for the constitution are issues that must be understood. Will the current USA situation happen here? In my view it already has in Port Arthur, Tasmania on Sunday April 28  1996 when black ops government mercenaries murdered 35 people and injured 20 others. The intellectually impaired patsy Martin Bryant with an IQ of 66 is physically and mentally incapable of these crimes that he is falsely imprisoned without trial for. This then raises the question what’s the difference, other than immediacy, to being shot to death by government assassins or the slow kill of being sprayed by toxic chemtrails and poisoned by fracking, fluoride, smart meters and vaccines? The following video was produced at Cervantes Lodge in late August 2016 but is every bit as pertinent now as then, if not even more so.

 Most people have a basic idea of what government is supposed to be in terms of its constitutionally chartered purpose and municipal functionality, but remarkably few understand how far removed from these routine concepts the blunt reality truly is. To begin with its important to accept the unpalatable but undeniable fact that government exists for one thing only and that’s to expand and maintain its own existence. Self-preservation is its overarching prime directive at the cost of every other consideration and it stops at nothing in pursuit of this imperative. However, the more its downward spiral of abhorrent corruption is exposed the more ferocious its determination to ensure its own survival over and above all else. In short, governments are the root cause of all the evils plaguing the planet. The cancerous plague of government cannot change because the strictly controlled design of two party tyranny disguised as democracy forcefully excludes alternatives. Its purpose is to divide and rule through keeping purely cosmetic political parties distracted by squabbling among each other while maintaining the illusion the people have meaningful participation. They don’t and under this control system they never have! The micromanaged illusion of choice is reduced to which competing glove-puppet-party of the deep state masquerades as effective government. It’s a systemically entrenched sham enforcing compliance from any member opposing party-line-criminality regardless of personal convictions or strongly held community views. Accordingly, instead of providing authentic representation elected representatives become consummate liars whose primary purpose is to maintain the threadbare illusion that the peoples voice matters to a criminal technocracy. It doesn’t, it never has, and it never will! Public opinion is beneath contempt to these criminals, a disdain openly exhibited through ignoring the international law that criminalizes forced medical intervention without consent. All entering politics unfailingly become corrupted once ensnared in its unseen, unspoken and unreported machinations. Most enter with honorable intentions but abruptly discover they either conform or get unceremoniously dumped and publicly humiliated via corrupt media. Alternatively, the glittering attraction of powerful high-profile careers rewarded by million-dollar pensions mollifies potential pangs of conscience and surreptitiously shepherd’s newly elected candidates into the satanic fold of unquestioning obedience. From that point on they are enslaved to a system of unspeakable evil that requires potent coping mechanisms to hide the truth from their own spiritual acuity and conscious awareness. They obfuscate the disturbing reality of their betrayal learning to live a never-ending lie that cloaks personal dishonor, moral depravity and intellectual dishonesty. Few maintain friends from the past and frequently family ties become increasingly tenuous in tandem with an unstoppable slide into the luciferin mire. Most convince themselves their conduct is entirely different from the repugnant truth, a self-deception that ultimately manifests socio-psychopathy. Such low vibration characteristics are an essential prerequisite for political leadership; even at minor levels. Well-meaning attempts at making them see how the fetid swamp of political life penetrates their souls are disparaged and angrily denounced. Advancement in political life demands an unavoidable conversion to the ways of evil which manifests with consummate stealth. It covertly assumes control without recognition and slickly maintains its camouflage via material success without its victims’ understanding. Ask any one of these upstanding ‘elected representatives’ if they’d knowingly participate in mass murder and they’ll dismissively laugh at the notion, but the fact remains its what they are an active part of every single day. Suggestions they condone extortion, racketeering, mass poisoning, the chemical rape and torture of defenseless infants will be hotly refuted, but anyone in government is an integral part of ongoing multiple crimes against humanity.

Instead of authentically representing grass roots communities they obsequiously follow criminal agendas. Every aspect of governance is unconditionally compromised into corrupt subservience to treasonous political, judicial and financial systems of absolute evil. This wretched circumstance will progressively intensify and worsen until enough critically thinking groups and individuals summon the wherewithal to take it down.

The road to restoring lawfully authentic government begins with exposing the truth. This unassailable truth is that we currently endure a predatory parasite masquerading as government under the direct control of a malevolently satanic corporatocracy. Like most parasites it will ultimately destroy its host. Each and every single one of us respecting human values and the sanctity of nature should do everything possible to stop this Luciferien satanic blood cult Babylonian priesthood.