The storm is upon us.

Government Criminality.

The Australian nation is captured and controlled by criminal enterprise.

Fascist thuggery in full swing.
Police oppression worse than ever.

Criminal abuse of power.

The unlawful violent kidnapping by Victorian police thugs of a young pregnant woman Zoe-Lee Buhler for the alleged ‘crime’ of a Facebook post is intolerable. Victorian police spokesman Luke Cornelius absurdly described the action as serious criminal behavior. The constitutional mandate of police is to serve and protect the people. It is not to support the brutal oppression of a luciferien satanic blood cult at the cultural, social and financial expense of the taxpayer.

For longer than I care to remember I have, along with a great many other alternate news reporters, urgently forewarned this fascism was enveloping the nation. It is now unquestioningly upon us courtesy of the fake pandemic facilitating its brutal oppression. This hateful tyranny unfolds under the ludicrous pretext of protecting public health. A growing tsunami of international outrage and disgust has erupted from law-abiding citizenry taking strong objection to Australia’s Stazi police oppression. This institutionalized terrorism is wreaked upon the global community via the irrevocably debunked covid-19 scam. People are unrelentingly terrorized in every walk of life with anti-human social distancing and never-ending fear-porn spewed out from corrupt media 24/7. Few believe the fearmongering propaganda, and fewer still will tolerate rampant fascism in this nation or elsewhere. No free and open society can tolerate this crap.

grayscale photography of house

Fabian Socialist Victorian premier despotic Dan Andrews embarrassingly bleated pathetic excuses for the idiotically disproportionate arrest. In tandem with the lamentable Andrews charade his inarticulate bumbling police attack dogs (clearly suffering Covid-19 derangement syndrome) unconvincingly try to justify the bullying and harassment of a young mother-to-be. The Victorian surveillance police state is now flying spy drones over healthy law-abiding populations in order to monitor compliance with unlawful lockdown restrictions. They’ve even stooped to encouraging the dobbing in of neighbors non-compliance with unlawful and non nonsensical lockdown restrictions. These loathsome socio-psychopaths usurp the rule of law into a brutal instrument of parasitic harassment and grasping plunder. Increasingly oppressive tyranny is inflicted despite the fact there is no epidemiological evidence to support any lockdown. There is no proven medical emergency. None! It never existed outside of media fearmongering, but this is irrelevant to the Corona World Order who now inflict these calculatedly aggressive measures as deliberate provocation.

“The biggest mistake of a democratic country is to underestimate the power of a democratically elected pro-fascist leader because it is always easier to destroy a castle from within!”