The criminality of central banks

Banking cartels are pushing hard for digital currency seeking to do away with cash altogether. This situation will empower unregulated financial control by unelected, unseen and largely unknown criminals. The hour is late with a sudden push towards eradicating the use of cash. In the last year hundreds of bank ATM’s have been removed in order to facilitate cash removal. This covertly underhanded action is implemented without community consultation or customer approval. In fact it takes place in contemptuous disregard of intense opposition and widening objection. The criminal control of central banking cartels has usurped and oppressed humanity since the days of Napoleon but this evil grip is now pried lose by the efforts of NESARA & GESARA.

An unstoppable flood of critical evidence triggers the inevitable collapse of the criminal COVID-19 pandemic scam subsequently provoking the treasonously corrupt media into digging their heels ever deeper into fearmongering disinformation. They wallow in the most sickening lies and deceit imaginable obfuscating factual truth which is an anathema to this propaganda weapon of the deep state. Politicians collude in this hateful crime against humanity while trying to dupe us into believing that public wellbeing is their humanitarian motivation for trashing the global economy. For example I just received a survey flyer from my local MP seeking my endorsement detailing how well his crime gang government has managed the so-called ‘medical emergency’ that never was.

This insulting propaganda exercise was sent in spite of an unanswered response to my peer-reviewed evidence establishing COVID-19 as a criminal scam which was submitted for comment last May. My initial request invited refutation to the provided medical science but remains conspicuously unanswered so I’ve followed up with another request for comment this time attaching the ITNJ white paper that utterly demolishes all medical mafia lies. This important document is here and I recommend downloading it and forwarding to your health department requesting urgent clarification. My initial message received a standard acknowledgment agreeing to address the issue but unsurprisingly nothing further because they’ll never provide an answer undermining their deceitful narrative. My follow up email remains unacknowledged and is totally ignored. This irrefutable documented proof paints them into a tight corner and like the cornered rats they are all response is now an increasingly desperate struggle for survival.

My latest email attempt is all-caps-titled ‘PLEASE RESPOND!’ but still nothing. Why? Because there’s no way they can refute or disprove the overwhelming evidence obliterating their criminal narrative of hysterical fear porn. However another message is now dispatched via hard copy registered mail in order to stand as evidence in forthcoming prosecutions for this terroristic lockdown crime against humanity. Their failing narrative disingenuously mixes wordplay trying to smother lipstick on the pig of illegal house arrest under martial law feebly describing it as ‘quarantining’ or the criminally enforced isolation as social distancing all supposedly being for the greater good. Needlessly shutting down a healthy economy while inflicting non-stop emotional and psychological torture does not work for the greater good and I flatly refuse to accept this abominable government sponsored terrorism as any sort of new normal.

I also reject the insane notion of wearing dangerously health-impairing face masks that reduce oxygen intake while breathing in your own body waste can provide the slightest health benefit or protection. The offensive mask agenda is to coerce obedient submission to the genocide agenda of making people sick while sneeringly inflicting a satanic luciferin satanic cult ritual of humiliation. The echo chamber fake news headline of runaway ‘cases cases cases’ has usurped the ever-diminishing death count, which is meaningless since cases can mean literally anything, but this tiresomely repeated mantra is the death rattle of an inescapably doomed scam shriveling like an evil vampire in sunlight.

Everywhere around the world exponentially amassing evidence stacks up against media’s fear porn propaganda but these criminally insane socio-psychopaths never allow truthful facts, documented proof, and medically qualified expert testimony to undermine their scripted fearmongering. I reemphasize that the pandemic exclusively exists in corrupt media with no perilous medical emergency happening anywhere in the real world. The pandemic scam is now totally dependent upon blatantly fraudulent testing being ramped off the scale solely in order to furnish more cases no matter how dishonestly these positive test results are illegally contrived. The same criminal falsification applies to death certificates again pumping out fake statistics on an industrial scale to prop up the collapsing lie. I emphatically refuse any form of testing, RFID containing mark-of-the-beast vaccinations, anti-social distancing, harmful mask wearing or spyware mass surveillance of contact snooping. A recent online survey returned a 98% rejection of COVID-19 propaganda declaring the official narrative to be totally false so I’m far from being alone in telling the criminal scum pushing this genocidal agenda to wrap it in razor wire and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

The jarring disconnect between their absurd panic mongering narrative and what’s actually taking place in the real world has become a yawning abyss wherein all but the incurably brainwashed or terminally stupid can see the criminal hoax. Only globalist luciferin satanic cult associates continue to push this genocidal agenda so please download the linked documents to forward to relevant persons. Include your written objection and advice that you are a part of the growing global army determined to bring legal redress to their demonic crime against humanity.

 Deeply entrenched corruption will ensure no meaningful response but putting them on notice of criminal prosecution for their known and recorded crimes is worth the effort. At some point this prevailing evil will be vanquished with government offenders facing the full weight and righteous fury of public justice.

Press release from The Citizens Party.

To avert a crushing economic depression, restructure the debt!

Australia urgently needs a moratorium on foreclosures of family homes and farms, and a program to restructure unpayable household and bank debt.

September is the month the Australian economy starts sliding down a sudden incline that leads off a depression cliff. Already as many as a third of all small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Australia are in danger of going out of business, according to experts. This month the government will start to reduce the income support payments that have kept households and businesses afloat, and banks will end loan deferral periods for some of the more than 800,000 borrowers who haven’t been making repayments for the last six months. Business commentator Alan Kohler warned in The Australian on 31 August that the two factors must be addressed “to ensure the pandemic doesn’t turn into a financial crisis”.

The government can and must invest in a program of nation-building infrastructure and industry expansion to re balance the Australian workforce, replacing non-essential services jobs with essential productive jobs. This will start to provide the increased income that households need. What it won’t do, however, is address the ticking time-bomb of household debt which is the most urgent threat to the economy and any economic recovery because the debt is unaffordable by any measure. Australia has the highest household debt to income in the world, and the second highest household debt to GDP. The majority of the debt has been run up against overpriced house purchases that are often more than 10 times annual income, compared with the historical average of 3-4 times. Even before the pandemic the borrowers could barely afford to service the debt; now it’s impossible—Alan Kohler calculated that at an average of $467,000, the more than 800,000 deferred loans are worth at least $373 billion. This is a disaster not only for those households, but also for the banks.

Moratorium and reconstruction

The Citizens Party has a policy, currently being drafted into legislation, of a moratorium on foreclosures of family homes and family farms, pending a program of restructuring the unpayable debt. This needs to be done to reduce the debt burden on Australians in an orderly way that keeps families in their homes and averts the shock and social chaos of a crushing economic depression. The policy does not include saving investment properties and propping up house prices—prices will crash, but the debt should be reduced to reflect more realistic and affordable prices.

In 2012-13, experts worked with Bob Katter MP on a program to restructure the $70 billion of rural debt crushing Australian farmers. At the time, QUT economist Dr Mark McGovern estimated that a mortgage debt crisis would trail the rural debt crisis by about seven years—which is happening now. He helped to develop a bill, the Reserve Bank Amendment (Australian Reconstruction and Development Board) Bill 2013, that Bob Katter introduced in the House of Representatives, which would have established a debt reconstruction board in the RBA that bought farm debt off the private banks at a discount worn by the banks, and charged the farmers 2-3 per cent interest instead of 12 per cent or more.

As a minister in the Queensland government in the 1980s, Bob Katter oversaw such a reconstruction of the debt of sugar growers using the state-owned Queensland Investment Development Corporation. In a 23 October 2019 speech in Parliament, Katter recounted how it worked:

“Every government in Australian history, state and federal, since the time when King O’Malley set up the Commonwealth Bank, has had a very simple reconstruction approach when farmers get into trouble”, Katter said. “All they do is go in and buy the bad debt. … Since we are buying a bad or in-danger debt, we expect a discount. … We bought the farm debt at a discount of 15 to 20 per cent—in that sort of range. I speak with authority because I was the minister responsible for the state bank when the sugar industry in Queensland went down, and went down badly. … So we borrowed the money—I think it was at about 2.5 per cent—and, if memory serves me correctly, we loaned out about $700 million. We took all the mortgages. When I was told that I had responsibility for that, I said, ‘Like bloody hell—I’m not taking the reconstruction bank. No way. I’m not taking all the cripples.’ They said, ‘There aren’t any cripples.’ I looked into it and found that there were only 13 farms that had to be foreclosed on. Over a 10-year period, we had loaned out to thousands of farms, but there were only 13. At the present moment, if you’re on $1 million you’ve got to pay the bank about $55,000 every year. If they’ve only got to pay interest-only at two per cent then you’re coming down to about $16,000.” Although it wasn’t the intention, the Queensland government made a profit of around $200 million in that reconstruction, and saved the sugar industry.

Dr McGovern told the Citizens Party the same principles would apply to mortgage debt, although the volume of mortgage debt is much larger than rural debt. “Today the problems are two orders of magnitude worse, and bank insolvency issues may well arise in some cases”, he warned. This means the banks and their own enormous foreign debts would also have to be restructured, which would necessarily involve a Glass-Steagall separation of commercial deposit-taking and lending from speculative investment banking. It would also require a national bank—which could be achieved through reclaiming the Reserve Bank—that can stand behind and oversee the restructuring of the private banks, and be a development bank to recapitalise the economy by investing in infrastructure and industry, and especially assist the collapsing SME sector which the private banks have starved of credit for too long.

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