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Why you should not wear a face mask.

Aside from failing to provide proof of any authentic medical emergency face masks have the same preventative effect as a chain link fence has against mosquitoes. Nonsensical compliance with manifestly stupid directives results from a lifetime of learned helplessness. Snap out of it! Do you carry an open umbrella when there’s only a 0.01% of rain? This imbesilyc mandate sees unprecedented extremes of stupidity and cowardice among the gutlessly compliant.

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Death by deception

The fake covid-19 scam was inflicted upon a malleable public in order to shoehorn an untested MRNA microchip containing vaccine. This vaccine is widely perceived as the ‘Mark of The Beast’ prophesied to enforce fascistic societal controls. Unlawful lockdowns are imposed under false pretense since no actual pandemic exists. Media is the virus and media manufactured fear the contagion.

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Don’t believe this crap.

There are no safety studies assessing mask-induced health impacts of hypoxia (oxygen starvation) and hypercapnia – a life threatening condition of abnormally elevated carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in the blood. Exhaled carbon dioxide is gaseous metabolism body waste. Pointlessly wearing surgical masks compels dangerously and distastefully ingesting your own body waste. Will a submissive public unquestioningly wear underpants over their faces if arbitrarily directed by sadistic mass murdering socio-psychopaths masquerading as government? Muzzling face masks have nothing to do with protecting health but are strictly to enforce oppressive control while maintaining fear. This is a luciferian satanic ritual of submissive humiliation using the rabid hyenas of Australian police as violent armed enforcers.

  • Unnecessary masks provide no protection while inflicting serious long-term harm.
  • The unlawful imposition of mask wearing is a symbol of unresistant submission to malicious manipulators.
  • Social distancing is a deliberately divisive strategy with no protective or medical benefits.
  • 22,000 children go missing worldwide each day. Why is there no media focus upon this monstrous crime yet hysterical panic over routine seasonal flu?
  • The globalist plan is to make life as difficult and intolerably miserable as possible.
  • Criminally imposed lockdowns are economic terrorism.
  • Mandatory MRNA vaccination is a genocidal crime against humanity.
  • Forced isolation does not save lives, it is calculated to destroy them.
  • Why is the time-honored successful cure of Hydroxychloroquine suddenly removed from the market?
  • Inalienable human rights come from a higher authority than pedophile-ridden government.

Reject this treasonous oppression!

Reject government-sponsored terrorism!

It is amazing that people who think we cannot afford to pay for doctors, hospitals, and medication somehow think that we can afford to pay for doctors, hospitals, medication and a government bureaucracy to administer it.

Thomas Sowell