Panicked desperation appears the primary impetus behind the corporate toadies masquerading as representative government while doing their utmost to force bio-weaponized injections (falsely marketed as vaccinations) upon a defiantly resisting public. This criminal coercion is inflicted against the public’s well-informed judgement and is unlawfully imposed against prevailing community will. It also flies in the face of condemnatory evidence confirming extensive and ongoing proof of harm. Exponentially gathering public resistance arises from growing awareness of the known and proven vaccine dangers underscored by ever-mounting incidents of vaccine inflicted injury and death. The luciferin satanic blood cult of socio-psychopaths behind this vaccine genocide understand the established dangers perfectly well but persist with their malevolent crime against humanity in unforgivable disregard of incontestable proof of harm. However, their intensifying efforts grow increasingly frantic as more awake and alert people become better informed and subsequently deeply distrustful of transparent medical mafia lies and deceit.

An ever-expanding abundance of undeniable vaccine damage evidence demolishes the futile propaganda that’s continually regurgitated from vaccine industry shills and unconscionable medical practitioners disregarding the fundamental tenet of their Hippocratic oath being first do no harm. All medical procedures must adhere to the essential prerequisite of the precautionary principle, but out-of-control vaccine tyranny criminally ignores this mandatory standard. Pugnacious attempts to bully acceptance of this vile vaccine tyranny take the form of dramatically increased social media censorship, additional punitive legislation and frenzied propaganda but none of these repressive measures can stem the unstoppable global tsunami of vaccine rejection. The media disingenuously label public outrage as ‘vaccine hesitancy’ but no one buys their propaganda-wrapped deception. Societies healthiest athletes and sportspersons routinely drop dead shortly after vaccination. This is genocide.

The latest scurrilous effort is to enforce soviet style psychiatric evaluations upon concerned groups and individuals questioning why there are no industry standard double-blind placebo-controlled vaccine safety studies. Independent peer-reviewed safety studies are a critical precondition to all medical procedures but are intentionally ignored because unbelievably no such safety studies have ever been carried out. Nor will they ever be because their inevitable outcome would immediately condemn mass vaccination and relegate it to histories hall of shameful medical malpractice. No matter how long it takes the irrepressible nature of truth unfailingly restores it to its rightful throne and the glaring truth exposing the malicious medical fraud of vaccination now vanquishes all vaccine industry lies underpinning this criminal medical malpractice. Improved health does not come from a hypodermic syringe. It never has and never will plus human beings are not born vaccine deficient.

The key question pro vaccine vampires studiously avoid is if this invasive medical procedure that deliberately and dangerously bypasses the body’s immune systems natural defenses were so stunningly successful why do angry crowds gather en-masse in record numbers all over the world in fierce rejection of it? Why are entire countries increasingly rejecting mass vaccination while taking legal actions against infamous vaccine ghouls like Bill Gates? Surely if vaccination benefits were as advantageous as stridently trumpeted by the forked-tonged reptiles of Australian media the world’s population would enthusiastically welcome such a glittering human health panacea? But clearly this is not the case. Far from it. Instead of cheer-leading support inspiring burgeoning queues at vaccine dispensaries we see hostile rejection in the wake of incalculable vaccine inflicted injury, cruel lifetime disabilities and all too frequent death. Vaccine deception also employs the calculated misuse of the word immunization because no lasting immunity is ever provided by this Frankenstein monster methodology. The only immunity exclusively associated with vaccines is immunity from criminal prosecution from the widespread injury and death they routinely inflict which effectively means they are licensed to maim and kill, which they accomplish with sickening regularity. This is medical maleficence on an industrial scale.

It’s a damning indictment of a medical procedures underlying value when it requires enforcement at gunpoint with threatening attack dogs as happens repeatedly in globalist WHO ensnared countries around the world. The criminally controlled WHO falsely asserts that anti-vaccine advocates present a leading threat to global health, but as with all satanic inversions truth is the polar opposite with toxic mass vaccination undeniably being the gravest threat to human health.

No agency or government has the moral authority or lawful right to coerce an unsought and unwanted medical procedure without informed consent, least of all when vaccination procedures are known to inflict permanent crippling damage and frequent death. Again, if vaccines were the catch-all solution to enhanced human health why do its rabid proponents steadfastly decline televised live public debate with informed opposition? Surely if vaccine science is as settled as is parroted like a broken record, they’d eagerly welcome any opportunity to dispel runaway global concern by triumphantly demonstrating their glowing assertions?

But they don’t do they? Instead they cower behind pathetically threadbare propaganda and lies because as ruled by the US supreme court vaccines are unavoidably unsafe and for that matter all too frequently damaging and deadly. In closing I remind all the unconscionable vaccine ghouls misappropriating their ill-placed authority in this criminal vaccine tyranny that a time of reckoning is fast approaching and a vengefully outraged public is coming for you. All wilful and informed participation in this satanic undermining of human health will be called to rigorous account. Remember that ‘just following orders’ failed as a defense at Nuremberg and it will fail again in this unforgivably malicious crime against humanity. It won’t be easy to defend what is provably indefensible.

A crime against humanity.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Ephesians 6:12-13