Electro Magnetic Frquencies

Stuff you should know.

Runaway EMF is a clear & present danger.

The dangers of excessive electromagnetic frequencies are well documented but ignored by mainstream media and downplayed by paedophile politicians masquerading as government. It’s important to understand the extremely serious health risks imposed by EMF, most especially to children who should not be exposed to excessive Wi-Fi in schools.

Smart meters are deadly and should be avoided at all costs. Do not accept a smart meter installation in your home. Becoming sensitive to EMF can ruin your life – permanently. Point-blank refuse these deadly items.

Qualified experts continually and urgently warn of these dangers but no precautionary measures or added security occurs. This constitutes gross breach of trust, reckless endangerment and abuse of public office by those responsible.

We are at a pivotal crossroads of historic importance and monumental consequence that has evolved two diametrically opposing points of view mirroring the present state of affairs. On the one hand, it seems this vicious oppression and government-driven crime is so rampant as to be irrecoverably out of control and entirely overwhelming.

Alternatively, it appears the grasping genocidal globalists seeking to finalize their long-standing plan of world tyranny incessantly stumble into troublesome setbacks, major program impediments and embarrassing public failures.

Author, musician & alternate news reporter.

Tony Lambert.

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