The biggest fraud in human history.

If this con job Corona virus were as potent and contagious as hysterically trumpeted by mainstream media then sensible precautionary measures would have been required, but the operative word ‘IF’ becomes increasingly significant. In lockstep with an exponentially growing body of skeptical observers I’vr repeatedly sought evidence demonstrating that the official narrative of panic-driven fearmongering had basis in fact. It doesn’t! and it never did have I won’t belabor you with corroborating medical or technical information that’s better presented by others – but rather critically examine the bigger picture wherein all relevant data points significantly differ from the official panic-driven pantomime. The essential prerequisite of Koche’s Postulates ( a gold-standard criteria set to ascertain pathogenicity) was never applied which means no pandemic was scientifically established. No medical emergency ever existed plus this alleged pathogen has a 97% total recover rate. There never was any medical emergency so forcefully inform your state and federal politicians that you DO NOT CONSENT to comply with draconian tyranny. Give the groveling Big Pharma shills of the AHPRA and the AMA notification too.

Aside from this salient point its established beyond doubt that nothing coming from mass-murdering organized crime of government is either trustworthy, remotely authentic, or implemented for the greater good. To the contrary as their multifaceted genocide assaults the global community on all fronts while this media-inflicted hysteria crashed the economy threatening to kill more people than any virus – regardless of real or imaginary potential. Moreover using outdated computer models to calculate infection and death rates cannot provide accurate or reliable data pertaining to constantly changing circumstances, most especially when leading virologists, epidemiologists and relevant medical personnel assert the con job virus as being orders of magnitude less dangerous than seasonal flu. Author Jamie McIntyre has presented a $1 million reward for any Australian TV Presenter, journalist or politician who can provide independent proof that the total deaths the mainstream claim daily as having died of Covid-19 in Australia , actually have died of Covid, and not other causes including the flu.

The applied psychology of manipulated stress now prevails over quantifiable science and observable fact wherein hyper-maintained fear overwhelms reason to the degree of inciting mob induced hatred of those questioning grossly inaccurate WHO and mainstream media reports. In countries around the world alternate news reporters are continually revisiting evidence seeking to verify unsubstantiated mainstream media horror stories of runaway infection and escalating death rates. Not one single aspect of these alarmist reports was verified with no contra indications whatsoever. The hugely popular YouTube video of doctors speaking out was immediately taken down and banned from Facebook, which pretty much says it all.


Rapidly assembled and fully equipped virus test centers and demonic pop-up vaccine hit teams sat embarrassingly devoid of activity with confused and agitated staff declining to answer questions from citizen journalists. In spite of these unmistakable signals of another massive globalist hoax police state tyranny obliterated the remaining shreds of constitutional protection and civil rights. This wholly unwarranted and deeply disturbing situation now surpasses the most violently oppressive efforts of Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot. Unbelievably the global prison of absurd social-distancing and needless self-isolation is voluntarily entered into by the vast majority who are emotionally shocked and mentally paralyzed by unjustifiable fear. Communities are continually beset by rabid fear messaging in shopping centers, public spaces and the utterly loathsome media. The CDC retracted all effective covid prevention mandates (long after they’d accomplished their task of economic terrorism.)

Many see this con job virus hoax as a smoke screen diversion to cover the controlled demolition of society. Even to the casual observer the balance of probabilities asserts this scam is far removed from being the extinction level – end of civilization threat hysterically promulgated by mainstream media, especially citing the massive and rapidly expanding disconnect between fevered propaganda and what’s actually happening on the ground. Just check the rapidly growing online video catalogue exposing and disproving the panic meme at every turn. There is and never was any authentic medical emergency.

Mounting concern focusses upon the unforgiveable targeting of children being forced to have this weaponized covid jab in criminal disregard of the experimental gene-modifying injections ever-mounting injury and death toll. This unspeakably malicious crime against humanity ramps up with criminally controlled governments intensifying the medical fascism that’s spearheading genocide. There is no medical or scientific rationale for this lethal bioweapon assault upon defenseless infants which can only be ascribed to satanic child sacrifice. The proof of covid vaccine harm constituting a clear and present danger, exists in great abundance but is consistently obfuscated and denied by socio-psychopathic satanists masquerading as government. The following facts demonstrate why this vicious attack has nothing whatsoever to do with protecting health and everything to do with satanic ritual abuse.

1. The risk of Covid-19 to children is miniscule enough to negate all damaging covid prevention measures.

2. The benefit to an individual child of receiving a Covid-19 vaccine is statistically zero.

3. Children play an insignificant role in transmission of viral infections.

4. Acquiring natural immunity serves a better protective purpose.

5. The completely new gene-based technologies are experimental with the worst track record in history.

6. There is currently no data to indicate whether dose adjustment may be necessary in children.

7. Spike proteins contribute significantly to the pathogenicity of SARS-CoV-2.

8. Damaging long-term adverse effects on fertility, carcinogenesis, and children’s developing neurological and immune systems are inflicted by these toxic vaccines.

9. Serious adverse events and ever-amassing vaccine-related deaths are reported in the UK, the US, Europe, and the rest of the world.

10. Life-threatening effects, such as blood clots and myocarditis, are increasingly damaging and killing children.

11. Vaccine manufacturers have total exemption (a license to kill) from liability for the runaway injuries and deaths inflicted by their murderous products.

I could continue ad-infinitum, but these items alone clearly illustrate how unrestrained genocide is rampant and the responsibility of stopping it is incumbent upon all of us. We embrace this essential responsibility through sustained non-compliance with all criminal oppression while ignoring measures that make no sense other than to satanic controllers. The WHO, CDC and FDA criminally conspired to manipulate covid-19 testing protocols using human cells combined with common cold virus fragments because they had no physical samples of the SARS-CoV-2 ‘covid’ virus available. Consequently, without exception all PCR analysis based on this protocol was and is calculatedly fraudulent. It’s rigged to flag endless positive ‘cases’ that merely contain tiny quantities of RNA fragments from other mild coronavirus strains. The CDC has at last issued a ‘laboratory alert,’ announcing withdrawal of the discredited PCR testing protocol, but not before it accomplished its deceptive function of providing an excuse for the toxic jab. This withdrawal confirms that all PCR testing responsible for the economic terrorism of lockdowns etc. the entire rationale for the fake pandemic farce, was criminally contrived without physical covid samples for calibration. It could never differentiate between influenza and covid and is exclusively deployed as a gateway to deliver the genocidal covid jab. This nanobot containing injection is cited as the mark of the beast for good reason because once inserted into the body it self-assembles to commence eroding and eventually severing the connection to divine source.

The victim inescapably becomes less than human progressively devolving into cyborg status divorced from human values and everything of natural beauty and spiritual worth. A great many intuitively know we are here at this pivotal point in time to accrue, hold and enhance a raised vibration to collectively assist in the ascension process. An important aspect of this effort is maintaining that positive frequency in the face of the satanic crime wave enveloping daily life. Yes, it’s challenging but becomes more manageable with practice plus it helps to remember the situation isn’t essentially getting worse but rather exponentially being exposed by the moment. The relentless unveiling makes it appear worse when rampant government mendacity and demonic control was there all along but cunningly hidden or disguised. Few among us understood the depth and scope of evil besetting humanity wherein seeing it for the first time can be overwhelming and demoralizing. Nevertheless, we need to stay the course by resisting and resolutely not complying with a single repressive edict of lawless covid tyranny. Unrelenting resistance must prevail at every opportunity and collectively given everything we have. As repeatedly stated once unified non-compliance is fully enjoined by a committed community the irresistible action will end the criminal government abuse once and for all.

Mind controlled police can only arrest so many of us after which their rotten-to-the-core system collapses the moment sufficient numbers take a determined stand. While sporadic at this stage it is fervently hoped brainwashed police fully wake up to their satanic manipulation and ruthless exploitation by psychopathic mass murderers. A steadily increasing number begin to realize the legally perilous nature of their indefensible situation where criminal liability for unlawful action looms ever more ominous. This especially applies to the mercenary covid Marshall goons thinking they can get away with assault with the deadly weapon of covid vaccines just because they were ordered to. History shows how that works as defense, and a rising groundswell for unforgiving payback swells in tandem with the runaway victim count of vaccine-injured and killed. Here in West Australia some aware police object to vaccine coercion only to have their concerns bluntly put down by criminal overlords. They should ask is the despicable job of protecting pedophiles’ and satanic criminals worth sacrificing their soul for? Also, crimes against humanity unfailingly carry the death sentence so all the aforementioned order-followers should pay close attention while the looming shadow of the hangman’s noose grows darker. Remember the holocaust didn’t start with the gas chambers but arose through one party controlling the media, controlling the narrative, controlling the message, and deciding what is truth in disregard of evidence to the contrary. It began with one party censoring speech and silencing opposition. It began with one centralized control group dividing the community while organizing brutal harassment, severe punishment and eventually mass-murder of those critical of the regime. It began when good people knew what was going on but turned a blind eye and let it happen.

There are no spectators in this spiritual war wherein we all must play an active part.