The biggest fraud in human history.

If this con job Corona virus is as potent and contagious as hysterically trumpeted 24/7 by mainstream media then certainly sensible precautionary measures are required, but the operative word ‘IF’ becomes increasingly significant. In lockstep with an exponentially growing body of skeptical observers I require evidence demonstrating that the official narrative of panic-driven fearmongering has basis in fact. It doesn’t! I won’t belabor you with corroborating medical or technical information that’s better presented by others – but rather critically examine the bigger picture wherein all relevant data points significantly differ from the official panic-driven pantomime. The essential prerequisite of Koche’s Postulates ( a gold-standard criteria set to ascertain pathogenicity) was never applied which means no pandemic was scientifically established. No medical emergency ever existed plus this alleged pathogen has a 97% total recover rate. There is no medical emergency whatsoever so forcefully inform your state and federal politicians that you DO NOT CONSENT to comply with draconian tyranny. Give the groveling Big Pharma shills of the AMA notification too.

Aside from this salient point its established beyond doubt that nothing coming from mass-murdering organized crime of government is either trustworthy, remotely authentic, or implemented for the greater good. To the contrary as their multifaceted genocide assaults the global community on all fronts while this media-inflicted hysteria crashes the economy threatening to kill more people than any virus – regardless of real or imaginary potential. Moreover using outdated computer models to calculate infection and death rates cannot provide accurate or reliable data pertaining to constantly changing circumstances, most especially when leading virologists, epidemiologists and relevant medical personnel assert the con job virus as being orders of magnitude less dangerous than seasonal flu. Author Jamie McIntyre has presented a $1 million reward for any Australian TV Presenter, journalist or politician who can provide independent proof that the total deaths the mainstream claim daily as having died of Covid-19 in Australia , actually have died of Covid, and not other causes including the flu.

Manipulated psychological stress now prevails over quantifiable science and observable fact wherein hyper-maintained fear overwhelms reason to the degree of inciting mob induced hatred of those questioning grossly inaccurate WHO and mainstream media reports. In countries around the world alternate news reporters are continually revisiting and videotaping hospitals seeking to verify unsubstantiated mainstream media horror stories of runaway infection and escalating death rates. Not one single aspect of these alarmist reports can be verified with no contra indications whatsoever. In marked contrast many hospitals conspicuously feature deserted emergency rooms and long lines of empty ambulances doing absolutely nothing. The hugely popular YouTube video of doctors speaking out was immediately taken down and banned from Facebook, which pretty much says it all.


Rapidly assembled and fully equipped virus test centers sit embarrassingly devoid of activity with confused and agitated staff declining to answer questions from citizen journalists. In spite of these unmistakable signals of another massive globalist hoax police state tyranny obliterates the remaining shreds of constitutional protection and civil rights. This wholly unwarranted and deeply disturbing situation now surpasses the most violently oppressive efforts of Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot. Unbelievably the global prison of absurd social-distancing and needless self-isolation is voluntarily entered into by the vast majority who are emotionally shocked and mentally paralyzed by unjustifiable fear. Communities are continually beset by rabid fear messaging in shopping centers, public spaces and the utterly loathsome media.

Many see this con job virus hoax as a smoke screen diversion to cover the pre-planned economic terrorism, the controlled demolition of society. Even to the casual observer the balance of probabilities asserts this scam is far removed from being the extinction level – end of civilization threat hysterically promulgated by mainstream media, especially citing the massive and rapidly expanding disconnect between fevered propaganda and what’s actually happening on the ground. Just check the rapidly growing online video catalogue exposing and disproving the panic meme at every turn. There is and never was any authentic medical emergency.

The globalists unexpected loss of control in France inflicted by the yellow vest movement, in Hong Kong with the economically crippling people’s revolt and the many other sovereign nations rising up against the encroaching new world order demanded urgent response. The pressing circumstance pushed them into reacting earlier than planned with this 9/11 style of false flag assault. Experts report the weaponized virus had not yet been bio-engineered to its full gain-of-function capacity that could have wiped out countless numbers if fully refined for its diabolical purpose.

An increasingly popular hypothesis suggests it was clandestinely released early by the white hats so as to thwart the unthinkable consequences of a perfected bio-weapon. I have no way to confirm this but tracking the timeline of a disintegrating official narrative force-fed from a source of malicious anti-human lies it appears ever more likely. If so, then perhaps this can be seen as the long-awaited light at the end of the tunnel. Let’s hope!