Most people have a basic idea of what government is supposed to be in terms of its constitutionally chartered purpose and municipal functionality, but remarkably few understand how far removed from these routine concepts the blunt reality truly is. To begin with its important to accept the undeniable fact that government exists for one thing only and that’s to expand and maintain its own existence. Self-preservation is its overarching prime directive at the cost of every other consideration and it stops at nothing in pursuit of this imperative. However, the more its downward spiral of abhorrent corruption is exposed the more ferocious its determination to ensure its own survival. In short, governments are the root cause of all the evils plaguing the planet. The cancerous plague of government cannot change because the controlled design of two party tyranny disguised as democracy forcefully excludes alternatives. Its purpose is to divide and rule through keeping purely cosmetic political parties distracted through squabbling while maintaining the illusion the people have meaningful participation. They don’t and under this control system they never have! The micromanaged illusion of choice is reduced to whichever competing glove-puppet-party of the deep state masquerades as effective government. It’s a systemically entrenched sham enforcing compliance from any member opposing party-line-criminality regardless of personal convictions or community views. Accordingly, instead of providing authentic representation elected representatives become consummate liars whose primary purpose is to maintain the threadbare illusion that the peoples voice matters to a criminal corporatocracy. It doesn’t, it never has, and it never will! Public opinion is beneath contempt to these criminals, a disdain openly exhibited through ignoring the international law that criminalises forced medical intervention without consent. All entering politics unfailingly become corrupted once ensnared in its unseen, unspoken and unreported machinations. Most enter with honourable intentions but abruptly discover they either conform or get unceremoniously dumped and publicly humiliated via corrupt media. Alternatively, the glittering attraction of high-profile careers rewarded by million-dollar pensions mollifies potential pangs of conscience and surreptitiously shepherd’s newly elected candidates into the satanic fold of unquestioning obedience. From that point on they are enslaved to a system of unspeakable evil that requires potent coping mechanisms to hide the truth from their own spiritual acuity and conscious awareness. They obfuscate the disturbing reality of their betrayal learning to live a never-ending lie that cloaks personal dishonour, moral depravity and intellectual dishonesty. Few maintain friends from the past and frequently family ties become increasingly tenuous in tandem with an unstoppable slide into the luciferin mire. Most convince themselves their conduct is entirely different from the repugnant truth, a self-deception that ultimately manifests socio-psychopathy. Such low vibration characteristics are an essential prerequisite for political leadership even at minor levels. Well-meaning attempts at making them see how the fetid swamp of political life penetrates their souls are disparaged and angrily denounced. Advancement in political life demands conversion to evil which manifests with consummate stealth. It covertly assumes control without recognition and slickly maintains its camouflage via material success without its victims’ understanding. Ask any one of these upstanding ‘elected representatives’ if they’d knowingly participate in mass murder and they’ll dismissively laugh at the notion, but the fact remains its what they are an active part of every day. Suggestions they condone extortion, racketeering, mass poisoning, the chemical rape and torture of defenceless infants will be hotly refuted, but anyone in government is an integral part of ongoing multiple crimes against humanity. Instead of authentically representing grass roots communities they obsequiously follow criminal agendas. Every aspect of governance is unconditionally compromised into corrupt subservience to treasonous political, judicial and financial systems of absolute evil. This wretched circumstance will progressively intensify and worsen until enough critically thinking groups and individuals summon the wherewithal to take it down. The road to restoring lawfully authentic government begins with exposing the truth. For some the enormity of this institutionalised crime and corruption is beyond comprehension, and I don’t seek to convince them otherwise if they retreat into illusory denial. However, the unassailable truth remains that we endure a predatory parasite masquerading as government while functioning under the direct control of a satanic corporatocracy.