To the UOW Executive-Dean of the Faculty Science, Medicine and Health – By Judy Wilyman

Copied to UOW Vice-Chancellor, Paul Welings

15 March 2017

Dear Professor Alison Jones,

Here is a copy of my latest newsletter describing how medical professionals are providing false information on vaccine safety to the public: Newsletter 151 Dr. Anthea Rhodes Providing False Information on Vaccines (

I am also wondering why Professor Heather Yeatman has been allowed to present her personal opinion of vaccine safety on the University of Wollongong website? Professor Yeatman is a specialist in nutrition and is in the Faculty of Health and Society not Science, Medicine and Health. The information she is providing is not supported by the medical literature and Heather Yeatman and the UOW academics supporting this statement have not done an in-depth investigation of vaccination science.

I would like to request again that in your role as a toxicologist and in supporting Health Yeatman’s claims on immunisation on the UOW website, that you inform the public that it is safe to add the following chemicals into the tissues of newborn developing infants ( ).  Whilst you are not required to answer our questions this is an important health issue and new legislation is being passed that will directly affect children’s health. It is a serious situation if you are promoting false information on vaccination on a university website.

I hope that your concern for children’s health will ensure that you reply to this email that is copied to the community. I look forward to your response and I will publish this email and your response in my global Newsletter 152.

Kind regards,

Dr. Judy Wilyman
The Science and Politics of Australia’s Vaccination Policies
Vaccination Decisions