Criminal insanity.

A crime against humanity.

The grueling experience of spending the last four years fighting the ecocide of fracking has exposed the extent and depth of systemic government corruption.  Moreover it has established beyond doubt that the rule of law has been covertly vanquished by a malevolent corporatocracy. Anti-fracking groups around the world comprise the fastest growing social movement in human history borne upon an ever-growing body of condemnatory evidence establishing  proof of harm. This incontestable ‘CLEAR & PRESENT DANGER’ is contemptuously ignored by corrupt government and councils in callous disregard of the majority will of the people refusing social license for this vile industry. Independent surveys held in regional townships confirm emphatic opposition which is unlawfully ignored in favor of permitting criminal damage and the poisoning of incalculable volumes of fresh water reserves.

I documented this shameful saga on my YouTube & VIMEO channels but for anyone not yet familiar with this threat please watch the free documentary ‘VOICES FROM THE GASFIELDS!’ The U.S. currently has 500,000 active gas wells, which require 72 trillion gallons of water and 360 billion gallons of chemicals to run, all for a product that isn’t needed. Adding insult to injury is the increasing incidence of spraying fracking’s toxic industrial waste water onto public roads in the full knowledge it contains dangerous compounds including ammonium, iodide, heavy metals, bromide and radioactive materials.



Any rational individual would consider an environmental catastrophe of such unprecedented magnitude would urgently jolt responsible governments to immediately abandon their sycophantic support of this criminal ecocide.  Since 2014 Oklahoma had endured 5,415 fracking-induced earthquakes with another 70 recorded in 2016 and yet the fracking industry continues its pathetic attempts to deny what are incontestable facts.

Worse still is that anyone speaking out against fracking is branded a domestic terrorist and subjected to unlawful harassment and even detainment at airports as with the case of British filmmaker and activist Ian R Crane.