Open Letter by Dr. Judy Wilyman.

University of Wollongong Academics

Copied to UOW Vice-Chancellor Paul Wellings

Dear Professors Heather Yeatman and Alison Jones,

For further information on the false information that you are providing to the public about immunisation please read my latest Newsletter 170 Michael Gannon (AMA President) and the Suppression of Vaccination Science in Australia ( )

You can choose to ignore this information but you can never say that you were not informed. All UOW academics who have signed their name to your unsupported comments about immunisation are complicit in any harm that these comments may cause in the population. Particularly as your comments are being used to introduce mandatory and coercive vaccination policies in the Australian population.

In the past UOW has allowed lobby group activists such as John Cunningham and Matthew Berryman to misuse the university’s complaint procedures to make false allegations about my research to the public. Further the UOW has never rectified the false information provided to the public about my UOW research by John Cunningham and others in the media.

I have provided a link to the description of John Cunningham’s inappropriate behaviour in debating this topic and it is currently being investigated. I will keep you and the community informed about this investigation.

Please act to ensure that the public is accurately informed about the risks of vaccines by addressing the evidence provided in my PhD thesis and either supporting your claims with evidence or removing your comment and articles suppressing debate of vaccination science  from the UOW website.

Kind regards,

Dr. Judy Wilyman

Following is the 2nd Perth screening Q & A session with Dr. Andy Wakefield.

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