By Judy Wilyman.

The Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnball, is wrongly associating ‘vaccination rates’ with ‘good health’ and this assumption is putting children’s health at risk. Politicians are also disingenuously claiming that the link between vaccines and autism has been discredited by refusing to acknowledge the overwhelming scientific evidence that exists for this link in the medical journals – and is supported by the experience of thousands of parents. This evidence demonstrates vaccines are a plausible cause of autism and other life-threatening chronic illness. A fact that has been confirmed by the Institute of Medicine and has not been falsified with scientific evidence.

Unless Malcolm Turnball can prove that the 5-fold increase in life threatening chronic illness in children in Australia is not related to the ever-expanding vaccination schedule, then it is Malcolm Turnball’s government that is putting children’s Health at risk.

Public health is being put at risk because doctors, nurses and other professionals are being required by their regulatory bodies to support government vaccination policies without proper scientific debate using independent research. Further, Australian journalists and lobby group activists are being given awards for presenting biased, derogatory and unsupported articles on academic research on this topic. This debate is being framed to politicians and the public by powerful lobby groups, including the Australian Medical Association (AMA), with strong financial links to industry. These lobby groups are describing the risks of vaccines from the medical journals as ‘anti-vaccination material’ and preventing health professionals and academics from using this in public debates.

The call by the president of the AMA, Michael Gannon, in the Australian (6 March 2017) for Pauline Hanson to retract her comments and acknowledge she is wrong, is not based on scientific evidence and endangers public health. This evidence is described in my letter below to the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Wollongong (copied to 60 UOW academics on 3 March 2017) that describes how journalists are denigrating academic research to the public and how UOW academics are promoting unsupported claims about vaccine safety and efficacy on the UOW website.

This letter was titled “Media Awards being given to Reporters who Denigrate Academic Research on Health” (3 March 2017). Please read this letter and remember that it is a parent’s responsibility to know what they are injecting into the tissues of their infant and to investigate the reasons why this ever-expanding schedule is being mandated:

University of Wollongong
3 March 2017

Dear Professor Wellings,
I have previously made you aware of the false claims about vaccines that are being made on the University of Wollongong (UOW) website and these claims are directly affecting children’s health. You will also be aware that the normal channels for debating academic research are not open to myself and others who wish to debate vaccination using the medical literature. This is why I have taken the unusual step of writing to you, Professor Alison Jones and Associate Professor Heather Yeatman about the concerns many professionals have about vaccines and children’s health.

It is of great concern that the UOW is remaining silent to the community’s  concerns yet you are an academic institution promoting vaccination on your website. The claims being made by Heather Yeatman in this promotion do not support the medical literature presented in my PhD thesisalso published on your website. This is of serious concern because the UOW academics supporting these claims have chosen not to examine the scientific arguments I have provided in my PhD thesis or to debate these arguments. This is an important part of the academic process that is needed to maintain integrity in scientific debates.

It is of further concern that news reporters such as Kylar Loussikian, are being presented with media awards for articles that denigrate academic research with false and misleading information. This is of particular concern when this research is fundamental to children’s health. This journalist did not interview me for his articles and they were not presented in an objective manner. Kylar Loussikian has been presented with a media award for writing negatively framed articles about academic literature that are designed to discredit the research. Further, there is no journalist in Australia who has investigated the science and politics underpinning vaccination policies. Where is the accountability for accurate journalism in Australia when reporters are getting awards for misinforming the public on health issues.

What role is the University of Wollongong playing in maintaining academic integrity in health issues when the UOW academics, who have signed their names to these false claims on the UOW website will not provide evidence to support their claims or participate in an academic debate to answer the public’s concerns?

As the University of Wollongong has become involved in this debate by promoting immunisation on its website I will provide you with my latest global newsletter that clarifies the significant concerns that educated parents have about government vaccination policies. This newsletter is titled “Newsletter 148: Protecting Public Health in Government Vaccination Policies”  

The community that is concerned about children’s health is copied into this email and is looking forward to your response. The longer UOW academics ignore this debate and continue to promote unproven claims, the more serious the consequences will be for human health.

Kind regards,
Dr. Judy Wilyman
The Science and Politics of Australia’s Vaccination Policies 
Vaccination Decisions