Institutionlized deciet.

Misdirection by education.


The greatest cover up in history – is the cover up of history. The establishment version taught in schools is entirely fabricated and demonstrably false. In the words of Graham Hancock ‘We are a species with amnesia’ – but only as a result of deliberate misinformation and calculated deceit. A tsunami of truth is sweeping the globe obliterating the lies and deception that become ever more transparent and threadbare in its wake.

Each individual should discover the hidden history of humanity for themselves. Happily there are many outstanding scholars and courageous researchers willing to show the way.




I strongly recommend the brilliant work of Sylvia Ivanova and her fabulous New Earth documentaries. We are experiencing ongoing problems with video’s being taken down. Please let us know of any missing items from the site as we relocate and re-post them the moment we know. Visit Sylvia’s excellent website.


Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed