Banking Fraud

Criminal Banksters.

All bank loans and mortgages are criminal acts of fraud. Money is created out of thin air on the strength of a signature. The actual money doesn’t exist and never will, but the bank customer (victim) is conned into paying exorbitant interest plus repaying the full sum of the non-existent loan never the less. The National Debt is more unmitigated fraud. Government is the only duly authorized (constitutionally mandated) body to create and distribute currency.  This can and should be done at no interest to the nation as with the historical precedents of the UK’s Bradbury Pound – Abraham Lincon’s / JFK’s Greenback Dollar plus the Snowy Mountain Scheme was funded by government issuing currency at no interest to the nation.

But this MO keeps the banksters snouts out of the tax trough! Instead massive loans are sought from criminal banking cartels at crippling interest to forever trap the nation into fraudulent debt. In effect – debt slavery.

Ask any politician why the nation doesn’t print its own currency at no interest to the nation and let me know if you can gain a coherent response. So far, in spite of countless attempts, I’ve yet to evoke any meaningful reply.  Most refuse point-blank to answer. Why? I suspect they greatly fear facing the ugly truth; because doing so will expose criminal complicity.



State and federal courts function at the behest of a globalist corporatocracy effectively trashing justice in favour of criminal fraud. The rule of law is usurped into an instrument of plunder enforced by an irretrievably corrupt justice system no longer fit for purpose. An ever-growing body of evidence asserts that the higher echelons of the judiciary indulge satanic rituals involving child sex trafficking, rampant pedophilia and worse. The depth and extent of this undiluted evil is beyond simple greed. As the situation progressively worsens ever more people apprehend the peril. Satanism is increasingly exposed as the foundation of the ‘so-called’ ruling elite. It is what they do and who they are. Pretending this obscene circumstance doesn’t exist is not an option. Exposing and eradicating it is a moral obligation. The following video was produced mid April 2016 but is equally relevant today.


This is how it is.

This is how it started.