Getting to this point.

About Us

After years of failed attempts to instigate truthful news and current affairs reporting it became painfully clear the only way open was to join the ever swelling ranks of alternate news gatherers, reporters and online presenters. To this end our then tourism accommodation business of Cervantes Lodge sponsored Cervantes Network News focused upon exposing systemic government corruption and institutionalized maleficence.

Having sold Cervantes Lodge and moved to Secret Harbour we now present Secret Harbour Sessions that moves to a higher plane of functionality and upward direction. In other words paying more attention to the uplifting aspects of all that is and less to the negative stuff that’s falling away and destined for oblivion.

The existing YouTube & VIMEO productions will remain in place as they still serve a purpose, but upcoming video material with join forces in lockstep with like-minded seekers of truth and enlightenment embarked upon a fabulous journey of light.



Throughout these troubled times of establishment maleficence all are encouraged to take heart from the unstoppable awakening upsurge engulfing the world as never before. I don’t proffer any quick fix time-frames or intimate remedial happenings of any sort in preference of emphasizing the importance of each individual effort. Becoming an active part of the change you seek is the only way forward wherein it’s up to each and every one of us to make that happen.

It’s up to us. All of us!