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Secret Harbour Sessions picks up from where the now defunct Cervantes Network News left off.

While still reporting issues of hidden knowledge and suppressed technologies the focus now shifts to more uplifting aspects of daily life. Our up-to-date Blog won’t shy away from exposing the ugly truth, but importantly this will now be balanced with the many and varied upbeat events, happenings and unlimited opportunities unfolding before us.

Let the corporate trolls wallow in whatever they please while this location looks to horizons of higher purpose.

In keeping with spiritual growth and evolution this site will do all it can to expose censored truth while at the same time promoting uplifting modalities and alternate views. For every question there’s an answer, for every problem a solution.

 We are happy to interview holistic health practitioners and energy healers for YouTube & Brighton.com productions. The importance of this work at the pivotal time cannot be overstated and we’re excited to work with these wonderful people.

Visitors to this site are encouraged to turn away from deliberately depressing mainstream mind-control / propaganda and focus upon the new and exciting developments happening all around if you only know where and how to look. This doesn’t mean pretending the bad stuff isn’t happening, but rather seeking ways and means to minimize, disrupt and eventually escape it altogether.

Welcome to Secret Harbour Sessions and please check out our YouTube channel.

Author, musician & alternate news reporter.

Tony Lambert.

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Truth will always restore to its rightful throne.